Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tagged Thrice

Peanut and Daisy Mae of Beagledom have tagged us so we are going to be good sports and tell you five weird things about Sammy.

1. Sammy hates to ride in the car.

2. Sammy likes to sit next to humans and just barely touch them with his nose ... which Mom says is the coldest nose she has ever felt! And he doesn't do it just once but over and over and over again.

3. Sammy eats every meal like he hasn't been fed in days. Mom puts his bowl down last and he is always first to finish.

4. Sammy's tail has a curve in it. All the other dachsies have straight tails but his is curved all the time

5. Mom calls Sammy ... Samwell Barkamaus ... because he barks when he is surprised, when he hears a noise, when he is playing, when someone shows up to visit, when a helicopter flies over the house, when there is thunder, when dogs bark on the TV, when he sees a bird, when he sees a squirrel, when he wants a treat and sometimes even in his sleep when he is dreaming! (The Samwell part is because Mom is silly; she decided "Samuel" was not distinctive enough for her boy.)

We will not be a mystery to anyone after all this tagging and telling. But it is fun to think up things to tell you about us.


ranger said...

sammy - how can you not like to ride in the car? i hate NOT going in the car. everytime my mom opens the door i jump in whether she invited me to go or not!

Zeus said...

I'm with you, Sammy. I hate riding in cars myself. What's even more annoying is the human pet thinks that turning on the radio helps me become calmer.

Sorry, but I don't think so!

Isabella said...

Hey, Sammy-barking isn't bad- don't let anyone tell you it is. Those things all need barked at. I'm with you, buddy, when it comes to barking.
Big Wags,

katy said...

you guys are all so cute. I am in love with the new profile pic.

Flossikens said...

Hey hey

Thanks for your thoughts about Angus he is feeling better now =]
Its a shame that those humans dont know when you barkday is my cats have the same trouble we dont know when there birthday is either =/


Ivy said...

that izznt so wierd. isabella is rite. i think wen you need to bark at sumthin you shud just do it.

i am glad you dachies got a profile pickture cuz now i can add you to my paw pals list!

Sam I Am said...


I hate riding in the car it makes me shivery when we go somewhere. I Just seems to have a bad case of nerves, and I cannot even get into the car unless my human place me in it. I will not willingly go in. Is this somethign I may never get used to
I am not a backset dog ,I have to be upfront with my human,I have to see everything ..I think I going go the vet's maybe thats it ..But we are working on .

Lots of Licks!