Monday, August 14, 2006

Tagged Again!

Roxie here. I've been tagged by my girlpal Mary-Margaret. I will tell you 5 weird things about myself but I don't think I will tag anyone else. I hope no one minds.

5 Weird things about Roxie

1. When I am laying down, I put my legs out to the side and behind me so my tummy is flat on the ground. Mom says she can vaguely remember when she was that limber!

2. I can push up against my Mom or my brothers but if anyone does it to me, I grrrrrowl. I shouldn't have to put up with that foolishness!

3. If you put ice in my water bowl or something "strange" in my food bowl, I will very carefully take it out and put it on the floor next to the bowl. Mom gave me some blueberries once and when I was finished eating, there was a little pile of blueberries next to my bowl.

4. Mom has to hide pills in a spoonful of canned food or I won't take them. If she puts it down my throat, we have a battle of wills for about 5 minutes as I keep spitting it out. If she puts it in my bowl, I just pick it out. Fortunately, I am pretty healthy.

5. I have a very cream colored undercoat so I look lighter red than most red dachshunds. My coat has darkened as I have gotten older, but it is still pretty light as you get away from my back.

6. (One extra because I am special) I was born on Christmas day and Mom thought about naming me Noelle or Holly but she really wanted her girl dog to be named Roxie -- now she calls me Roxie, the foxy dachsie!

I'm sure those were much more interesting than stuff about my brothers! They are just silly, icky boys.



JustMeCopper said...

Hey Roxie, I had a sister named Holly. She came to live with this family on Christmas Dad when there wee elementary school kids in the house. I did not know her when she was young. When I knew her, she was a deaf, blind old lady dog. Thanks for telling us about yourself.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Yeah boys are icky. Well for the most part. I am SOOOOO glad I am a girl.


hey guys you've been tagged again. Ha HA

Zeus said...

Har! I also pick out strange and unusual objects out of my food bowl, Roxie! Do you play with the water as well, pawing it before you take a sip? That's another weird thing about me too.

Bob-kat said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I am feeling much better now thanks. Bob the cat will also not take his tablets and he has to have them everyday as he is 16 and his kidneys need supporting. Being a clever cat he got wise to the old tablet in the food trick long ago and now we have a daily battle of wills instead. Bob has become resigned to it but still moans about it at great length!

hershey the doglet said...

i like to put my legs out behind me too! my dad thinks it looks funny. mom says that's just what dachshunds do! when i eat i take a mouthful of food and go sit on the mat in front of the oven and spit the food out and then proceed to eat the pile slowly one or two pieces at a time.

Isabella said...

I take suff out of my bowl that I don't like (like dry dog food-yuck!) but I am not neat about it. I fling it all over- hee hee! You are such a lady, Roxie!
Big Wags,