Sunday, July 20, 2008

Best Laid Plans Often Go Awry ....

Hello all! This is Mom. We all went back to Houston this weekend to let me train the new person for my old job. We also wanted to wish my parents, the dachsies' Grandma and Grandpaw, happy 57th anniversary! It was today and we were glad we could be there with them.

We headed home about 6:00 and got here about 7:30. As I was driving, I was thinking I should feed the dachsies when we get home. I'd unload the car first. Then feed them. Then get online, post some pictures and make an entry so you all know that Roxie is home and doing well and, except for three (yes, she got bit twice) fang marks on her pretty muzzle, she is back to her old self. Then I would read Mona's blog and call her mom.

It was a wonderful plan.

It didn't happen that way.

As I said, we got home about 7:30. I know the dachsies were tired of being cooped up in their crates after 90 minutes of driving, so I put them in the yard to run around while I unloaded the car. I had made one (just ONE) trip when I heard the dreaded "we have found something" bark. I threw the next batch of things to carry into the car and, since the dogs were on the other side of the house, I stopped long enough to get the shotgun and shells before I went around back and found them all facing the same direction in the same area where Roxie got her copperhead bites last Wednesday. I yelled for them to get away and they did. As they passed me, I saw that Andy had a bloody spot on his nose. I would like to tell you that I thought "Oh no, not again?" but my reaction was a little stronger and probably not something my mother would be proud to hear me say ... Anyway, yes, the copperhead was back, Andy was bit and I was armed this time. I blew that sucker away. He won't be biting any person or dog ever again. One shot; one dead or dieing snake. Just call me "Dead-eye". I have not a shred of remorse. I called my dad and asked about the best way to transport an almost dead copperhead (carefully and locked up) to the vet. I called Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital (more on this later) and took Andy in. You know all that money I've made helping my old company? Guess who has it now!

You know you have been to the ER too many times when you identify yourself and can say the dog that wasn't bitten before got bitten tonight and the person who answers the phone says "Oh, no, Andy got bit?" They had the paperwork ready for me to sign when I got there. Poor Andy, he wasn't feeling good at all but he is in good hands. Sammy did this in May and Roxie did this on Wednesday. They both got through it and Sammy's scars have even healed up. The whole crew recognizes me now. Soon I should qualify for volume discounts.

Oh, and yes, it was a copperhead and it was dead. I had transported it in a locked cooler and, when they brought the cooler back to me, they said the folks in the back were admiring my efficiency. I guess they won't come to visit unexpectedly.

I will try to post some pictures that I took of Roxie when she got home and was still swollen. I'll take some pictures of Andy too. I don't feel like posting pictures tonight. I hope you'll forgive me.


Comet and BLU said...

How horrible that Andy got bit too! Hopefully he and Roxie will completely recover from their bites. Good job finishing off the snake. Hopefully it doesn't have any friends or family lurking about.
Comet and BLU

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey good job on the snake! :-)

I hope everything and everyone returns to normal soon.



Lady Kaos said...

Poor Andy!! I hope that was the same snake that had been coming back. Then you won't have to worry about it anymore. I'm glad you're a great shot? Hope everybody feels better soon!

Lacy said...

w00f's Sammy, Andy and Roxie...hope u all iz feelin better by now..we shure hopes they not anymore snakies lurkin around..will keep u in my prayers u gits better soon..

b safe,

The Army of Four said...

Goodness! Not ALL the puppies! That's ENOUGH from those nasty s-n-a-k-e-s! Good shot, Dachsie Mom!
Prayers being sent for Andy!

Peanut said...

Good shot. Poor andy. We were hoping one of them would manage not to get bitten but hopefully that might be the end of it.

JustMeCopper said...

Wow. Do you suppose that you have only had one snake that has been biting the dogs. They say where there is one snake, there are more. I sure hope everyone recovers. Why did you take the snake to the vet, I am curious ... to see what kind it was?

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...


I was sure it was a copperhead snake but, after Wednesday when they asked me at least 5 times if I was SURE it was a copperhead, I took it with me and I told them if they had any doubts tonight, look in the cooler. Their curiousity was too much so they looked. And they confirmed that it was a copperhead. From now on I will walk the yard perimeter with the dogs and look for snakes. I'll have the gun and I will shoot anything that rattles (rattlesnake), looks like a copperhead, is black (water moccasin), or has red and black stripes that are next to each other (coral snake). Anything else is probably safe since the ones I listed are the only poisonous snakes in this part of the world.

I thought I would feel bad ending the life of a creature but he was hurting my babies!

Dachsie Mom (Mary)

Lorenza said...

OMD! So sorry all you had to endure that snake bitting!
I hope Andy is feeling well.
Lets hope there are no more snakes there!
Kisses and hugs

Baxter and Teddy said...

We are city dogs and freak out when we see an earthworm on the sidewalk! We are moving to Michigan though and will have a huge backyard and plenty of wildlife. We need to know about these snakes. Any chance your mom can give our mom shooting lessons?

Pippa said...

Sounds like it's snake season in Texas. Wow you are one impressive woman.

We have now had a long discussion here about snakes, mainly because Adrian knows more about them than me from when we were in Aus - copperheads and coral snakes (plus sea snakes same family).

Hope the Dachsies are all ok.

Pippa and Katherine

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

You go girl.. You took care of that snake once and for all.. We are so glad that Roxie is ok..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


Hi my frieds,

Me and the Mommy did my friends post today and gave everybody am award. We know you already have it it but this one is special to me and the Mommy becuase if it wasn't for you guys we would not have all the friends we have now.

You know how much I love all you guys and your Mommy.

I'm county the day until I get to see you again.

Love ya ... Mona & the Mommy too!!

Your neighbors ... said...
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Jake of Florida said...

We are so impressed that you were able to take action and put an end to the sequential misery of your dachsies.


We don't know what our Mom would do -- besides scream -- but then she hasn't had to defend her babies the way you have.

We hope Sammy, Andy, and Roxie are all OK now, and no more serpentine visits!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Laura said...

Glad everyone's feeling better!
You may wish to check for rattlesnake training in your area. My parents just recently did this with their dog. It's not a fun experience for the dogs, but it will keep them away from snakes.
My parents found out very quickly that he's afraid of ALL snakes now. The cat had brought one in, and he wouldn't walk through the door near where it was.

The Zoo Crew said...

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing!!