Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oops, we did it again ....

Hello all! Andy here. I just put Mom to bed. She has had an eventful day.

But first, I want to thank everydog, cat and person for remembering my adoption day. You know how to make a day really special. And thank you for remembering Sammy's adoption day. Mom feels bad about not making a special entry for him. It's been four years since he was adopted and he thought Mom should have made a little more effort to tell everydog. Oh well, at least our friends remembered! Mom says she does have an excuse ... she was working for her old company. They contracted her to come in and take care of things that haven't been looked at since she left four months ago. Now she can buy us some really nice dog biscuits. She said she bought us tires for the dachsie-mobile.

Hey that reminds us, we saw the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile. It would have been a little more exciting if it hadn't been on the flat bed of a tow truck. But, hey, how many of you can say you have actually seen the wiener mobile? Thought so!

Oh yeah, we were discussing how to spend the extra money that Mom made ... well,tonight Roxie probably arranged for Mom to spend the rest of it. We found another copperhead snake. Yes, we got too close. And yes, it bit Roxie in the muzzle. And yes, Roxie didn't feel good so Mom packed all of us up and took us to the same Texas A&M Small Animal Emergency Room that Sammy and Roxie went to last time. Roxie has to spend the night. Sammy, who got bit in the lip, didn't even act like it bothered him but they gave Mom some antibiotics for him. I, of course, was smart enough to stay back and bark. That's twice they have been bitten and there ain't no bites on me! (I wanted to add a picture of a copperhead snake here but I decided Mom had seen enough snakes for this week.)

Anyway, like I said, Mom is tired after an eventful day. She got home and was here about an hour before she bundled all of us off to the ER. Last time, Mom and Grandpaw took Sammy and then Grandma called and said Roxie was swelling up. Mom didn't have anyone at home to watch us so we all had to go with her. We want to say that ALL vets offices smell the same and it is not a good smell!

Don't worry about Roxie. They said she is doing fine and one of the vet students already thinks she is pretty and sweet. Mom will probably bring her back home tomorrow.

Boy! We really like living in the country! There are so many things to bark at and to do. Getting bitten by a snake is kind of low on the "things to do" list but sometimes a dog has to do what a dog has to do.

I'm dog tired too. I think I'll call it a night and make sure Mom is sleeping soundly. Hopefully, Mom will let you know what is going on. She has been really lax about keeping up with our blog or reading anyone else's blog. To all of our friends, we still love you. We will get back into regular blogging soon ... we hope.


Charlie Daniels said...

Well it sounds like Mom has been really busy .. and to top it off she then had to deal with the emergency! I think you all need to let Mom get a good night sleep tonight!

I'm sending some of my special RHE - (Red Heelering Energy) your way - I hope it helps.



PeeEss: Nice wiener mobile :-)

Lacy said...

w00f's Andy, Sammy and Roxie, hmmm me thot me told u all to stay away from snakies...u neec to leave them alone...ok..

b safe,



Are you the only doggie with any common sense at your house? Roxie & Sammy leave them snakes ALONE. Since ya got bit before, this time it wasn't so bad. The Mommy loves all of you guys so much ans she can't stand the though of you guys getting hurt. My Aunt Annie is going to be going to the rainbow bridge to visit my sister Samantha soon. The Hospice people say might stay another 24 to 48 hours but they don't think so. I'm not going to me able to work the kissing booth at the dog show tomorrow because the Mommy is staying with Aunt Annie all day day & tomorrow with the rest of the girls at the hospital. They don't want her to be alone. Please pray for my Mommy and My Aunt Annie While they Mommy prays that Roxie & Sammy stop messing with snakes & are OK.

Love ya Mona

Ender said...

Yikes! Stay away from those snakes! It sounds like it's getting expensive to keep going to the ER, and it sounds like it hurts! I wouldn't mind having a dog car that looked like a hot dog! I would even settle for a ride!

Lady Kaos said...

Your poor Mom! You need to tell those other 2 to stop getting so close to the snakes! If they stayed away, your Mom could buy more toys and treats instead of paying vets! PLUS, if your Mom is anything like my Mom, her heart stops beating for a few seconds when one of you gets hurt or is sick and that's not good for her and she might end up having to go to the human vet which aslo means less toys and treats for you guys!!!
Stay safe!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
OMD! Again! I hope Roxie is doing well!
Its funny to know that your mom's old boss misses her!
I hope you all have a good night, specially Mom!
Kisses and hugs

Peanut said...

I think living in the country is going to make your mom go broke. No wonder she has to work more. Poor thing. Oh and we haven't seen the weiner mobile but we have seen the hersey kiss mobile.

Franny said...

How scary! I'm glad Roxie is okay! I've never seen a snake before. I hope your mom gets some much needed rest. Give her lots of kisses, but try not to wake her. Be careful in the country!