Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mighty Hunters -- Almost

Hello all! Yes, we are still around. Mom will post our post-snake pictures soon but she said it would not be today. Instead we will tell you about our latest (snake-free) adventure!

This morning Andy was outside and barking at something. Mom grabbed the shotgun but we could tell it wasn't a snake. Andy's bark did not say "snake" if Mom would just listen. Instead it said "hunt" and Roxie and Sammy needed to come help. When Mom got outside, we were all gathered around the corner of the house. That concerned Mom because the water hose is right there and snakes like water. Mom approached carefully but it became obvious to her that we were focused on the downspout of the rain gutter. Roxie was trying to bite the spout and Andy was trying to get his snout inside. Eventually, Andy was successful and he pulled a field mouse or maybe a small rat out of the downspout by its tail. Mom was less than impressed by our ability to capture this dangerous creature. Unfortunately, when Andy tried to get a better grip on the creature, it scampered into the tall grass and we lost it. Andy has been hanging around the back deck because he was able to track its scent to that location. Mom, for some reason, really hopes he doesn't find it and bring her any "gifts". Anyway, since Mom had the shotgun, she didn't have the camera so we have no proof of our successful hunt.

So that is what is happening to us today. The rest of the day has been pretty lazy. We have been sharing the sofa with Mom. We occasionally go get a drink of water. We ask Mom for treats. She pets us and tells us we don't get all that many treats and today is no different.

We hope all of you are doing well. We visited some of our friends but we are so far behind, we probably can't catch up on everydog or all of your entries.


Lacy said...

w00f's Kids, u iz always hunting sumthing..good thing it not a snakie this time...glad u iz all ok and happy hunting..

b safe,

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Now a mouse!
You always have something interesting there!
Thankfully this was not a mean snake!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

Sure glad it wasn't a snake. You all are quite the hunters, aren't you?

Lady Kaos said...

Mom can't stand mice. The thought of one gives her the creepies.
Do you guys have any cowdog advice for me? I'm not so sure about the one that lives across the street from my new house. I'm finishing up my post about my new house and the critters around it right now, so if you have any advice, please leave me a comment. I'm really not sure about those cowdogs.
Happy hunting!!

Pippa said...

Hi you all. :)

I think you should persevere with the rat/mouse whatever it is.

I took a fine huge rat to master one day that I found in my corral that I managed to worry to death.

Of course it helps having big feet to whack them with and then you can worry them. So maybe best for you to hunt in a pack.

Good luck. And of course I haven't forgotten Roxie with her beautiful shiny coat and so pretty face.

Pippa (x for Roxie)

Lady Kaos said...

ROXY!! I just heard from Mona that you got bit again! You poor thing. I hope you're doing okay. Has your mom seena human vert lately? I bet her heart needs s jump start. My mom says when wever one of us is sick or gets hurt, her heart stops beating. If your mom has the same reaction, she should really go get her heart checked out. That can't be good for it to start and stop so many times!
I'm sending lots of good vibes to all 4 of you and bad vibes to the new snake!