Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Party!

Well, yesterday afternoon we were minding our own business and the next thing we knew there were 14 people in our house! We knew almost everybody except two friends of our human cousin Jennifer. They brought all kinds of yummy smelling foods, too. Of course, we can only tell you how the food smelled because, out of all of these people, no one would share with us! Well, Mom shared a little bit of pita chip with Sammy and Andy but what is that when you have pizza and dallas dip (melted cheese, cooked ground sausage, tomatoes and chili peppers) in the house??

They turned on the talking box and started yelling and laughing at it! We had to bark at them constantly because they were making so much noise. We are the only ones allowed to make lots of noise in our house.

And they wouldn't stay in place. They kept getting up and going to the kitchen to get more food that they didn't intend to share with us. If they weren't going to share, the least they could have done was sit still so we could get comfortable!

Sammy did succeed in licking a couple of plates because some of our guests weren't as experienced with our "take every opportunity to eat" attitudes as Mom and Aunt Bec. Mom kept yelling at us and then the people closest to us would take the plate away. Can you believe, with all of the food they had available, they couldn't even graciously share a few crumbs?

To make matters worse (if that is even possible), Mom vacuumed the house before people arrived. She knows how much we hate that thing. We have told her to get rid of it but NOOOOO, she has to do things her way. And she moved all of our toys that we had so carefully placed on the rug in the middle of the room. She acted like our guests would not appreciate our decorating technique. How can dog toys not add class to any gathering? We would have even been willing to share ... in exchange for some food.

Everyone seemed to be pretty happy when they left. We guess hanging around us had that effect on people!

Mom then tuned to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet so we could bark at the talking (or now barking) box. We saw a boxer and a samoyed. In the fourth quarter there was a dachsie; it was a long haired one like Copper and Hershey, but we were glad to see that a dachsie participated! There was also a golden retriever and an english bulldog and a french bulldog and a pit bull and some other dogs Mom can't remember. Those puppies need to learn some manners, though. Some of them kept kicking all of the water out of the water bowl. But, they were puppies so they have time to learn manners.

All in all, even without getting to taste any of the people food, we had a good time. We had lots of people pet us and we were the center of attention part of the time. Mom didn't throw us outside either. She was glad our guests all knew that we live here and just wanted to welcome everyone.

When is the next party? (Mom says a couple of people are coming over to watch a basketball game on the talking box tonight. How do they get those people in there and how come we can never smell them?)


JustMeCopper said...

it was very broing at my house.

macgoogle said...

Yeah - how do they get those people and animals in that "idiot" box (as Dad calls it). I can never smell them so they aren't that interesting. Another thing that just bores me is that one second there is a horse in the box and in the blink of an eye, it's gone! Then it comes back... it's stoopid. (Dad: It's called a cut, but I think I would have a hard time explaining it to you) It's nice that you enjoyed yourself. We never have THAT many people over. You must tell me though - what is so interesting about this "SUPER" bowl? What does it have in it? It must be really nice food or it must be huuuuuuge ... or something.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the supper bowl .. but I was wrong, sigh.

Fu Fu said...

Woh, it must be very exciting in your house with so many humans. But no fair on the no food rule..

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Mmm, chilis. I love those. That Dallas dip sounds yummy! Sorry no one shared!

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

So glad you guys didn't get thrown outside! Pups belong with people, no matter what.

hana said...

Too bad you didn't get any people food. I didn't get any of the special superbowl food, but I did get a CUPCAKE of my very own that my mom made because it was my barkday! Yeh!

Ivy said...

ooooo! that cheezy meaty stuff sounds wunnerful!

my stupid peepol didnt let me watch the puppy bowl. they took theyr ice cream and went away and left me alone all nite!

Zeus said...

There was no Super Bowl party here. Everyone who was invited couldn't make it. It was a big bummer...until I realized that meant more food for us. I cheered up immediately!

I'm glad you had a terrific time with your human friends. That's awesome that your Mom turned on Puppy Bowl for you as well. She seems way nicer than my pet.

Cubby said...

Oh no! We missed the boxer puppy and the dachshund!