Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pink Toy Tuesday

Mom is all better today and went to work. Thanks to all of our friends who wished her a speedy recovery. It must have done the trick!

Mom was also very good. She went to the grocery store and bought more cottage cheese for us. She went by PetsMart and bought our canned dog food. She also bought some treats and some ... TOYS!!!!!

She must not realize that we know Valentine's Day was last week and these pink and purple toys are left over because no one bought them. Not that we mind, these toys are new and squeaky and we love them! There is also a brown donkey or something. We didn't look that close before we started to play.

You will also see a bag of tennis balls. Andy loves tennis balls. Mom is always going outside to bring the tennis balls back into the house. She decided some of them were starting to look a little bad so she got Andy a whole bag of new ones!

Roxie checked out the purple hedgehog but decided that wasn't the toy she wanted.

Sammy grabbed the purple hedgehog and jumped on the sofa.

Sammy likes his toy but what is Andy doing ... ?

Andy has the brown toy.

Aah! The total joy of a new toy!

Roxie has the pink hedgehog. She thinks it fits her sweet girlish personality better.

Uh ... Roxie, that doesn't look sweet ...

Now you see why we let her pick her toy first?


JustMeCopper said...

Wow, I love new toys, even if they were on sale. My Mom will have to check out the toy sale. I don't know how you guys do it, don't you argue over the toys? When Hershey is here, he rolls all over my toys which he tells me MARKS THEM and makes them HIS. I don't care because he doesn't get to take them home, so it DOES NOT make them his.

Fu Fu said...

Woh cool toys you all have. :)

~ fufu

Linda said...

How kewl to get all those new toys and tennis balls! Your mom is sure good to you kids. I am glad your mom is feeling better- that TLC you three gave her must have done the trick.
Big Wags,

Isabella said...

Oops! that darn Linda was logged in and forgot to log out before turning the computer over to me. That last comment was from me!
Big Wags,

Bob-kat said...

Sometimes those pink fluffy hedgehogs just need a good sorting out don't they Roxie?

Looks like you Dachsies are having fun :-) rmember to play nicely!

Glad your mom is feeling better. I was ill last week adn had to spend a day at home too.

Joe Stains said...

ooh I love that purple hedgie. too bad I cant have stuffed toys because the doofus ruins them!

Luckie the Dachie said...

You new toys look fun!! Do you all really have no problems sharing toys? I mean does your mom let you chose any toy??
Stuffed toys are zee best!! I'm not too sure about those tennis balls though. Hmmm...

Cubby said...

Hogs! I love hogs! Hogs rock! You guys are so lucky!

The Army of Four said...

New TOYS! How fun! I love the picture of Sammy on his back. He's like a sea otter cracking open an abalone! Ha roooo!
You are all so cute - have fun with your toys! And we're so glad your mama is feeling better!
Tail wags,

Ivy said...

hey hey dachsies! i am happy that your mom is feelin better and you got out of jail and got some awesome toys!! hurray for toys!

PiratesGrrl said...

OOOH! We love hedgehogs! Have fun with your new toys!

The Brat Pack

hana said...

Oh oh, your hedgehogs are so cute!!! I wish my mom would get me a hedgehog. I think Comet and BLU got hedgehogs recently. They sure look similar to yours. Or, those hedgehogs took a hike from their house and went to your house!