Thursday, February 22, 2007

Toy Update

Mom found the packaging for the brown toy that Andy was playing with and it is a fox. Silly Mom couldn't remember what it was so she said donkey. She is lucky we love her because a donkey does not look anything like a fox.

Our new friend Luckie was asking if we get along when we share toys. The truth is we mostly get along. We boys know to leave Roxie alone if she has a toy picked out. And most of the time we let her take whatever she wants. She is bossy and we are pretty laid back. Believe us when we say we have more toys than we can play with in a day so, since there are so many to chose, we just pick something else.

Sammy can get a little possessive of a toy if Andy gets too close to it and he will curl his lip and give a low growl. If that happens and Mom sees it, she takes the toy and tells Sammy to stop making the ugly face. After a minute or so, Mom gives the toy back to Sammy. If he makes the ugly face again, she takes the toy again and puts her hand over his muzzle. He knows that she is being the leader of the pack and insisting that her pack members get along. She will do it a couple of times but, if Sammy is still too possessive, she takes the toy away for the night.

Mom will even take toys from Roxie. We think she is really brave to do it because you can tell Roxie is mad about it when it happens. But even Roxie knows who is the real leader of the pack. She only gets to be leader when Mom is at work and we are home guarding the house.

But most of the time, we play and share and trade toys and play tug of war and happily chew on whatever toy we have. We have had to share Mom and everything else for almost two years so we are used to it. We also have our cousins, Maggie and Jake, come over all the time and they play with our toys too.


Fu Fu said...

Oh you guys sound like a team to me. Great that all of you get along well. :)

~ fufu

Bob-kat said...

It's great that you play so nicely together and share...most of the time! :-) Your mom is obviously a good leader!

Bob-kat said...

Hi Dachsies - message for your mom...

... So glad you like visiting my blog so thanks for the compliment. I always love a comment from the Dachsies :-) Your last comment resonated with me - I even ripped the Band-aid off when I suspected my ex-hubby was seeing someone else. I found out and then moved now I am separated. I prefer blissful ignornace or I have to know. It's the wondering I don't like!

PiratesGrrl said...

You guys seem like you are meant to be together! We really like reading your blog!

The Brat Pack

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

You all have an awesome Mom...such a leader!

Lots of love,

The Army of Four said...

Regardless of what you call the brown toy, it looks like a LOT of fun!
Tail wags,

Luckie the Dachie said...

Your mom's really great at managing you guys!! And yes, it's better to share the toys right? After all toys smell much better after they are chewed on. New toys smell a tad bit wierd.

PS : I am out of jail now. :) Yipeee!

Ivy said...

it is so hard to share toys! wenever abby comes over she always takes my favorite toys and i tell her no no no! but she does it anyway cuz she is the little boss. so wen i go to her house i steal all her toys too! tee hee!

i am glad that you guys can share you toys. it wud not be fun to live wif dogs you cant share wif!

Joe Stains said...

tanner and I fight over toys all the time and then mom yells at us. she says we are brats. whatever.

Avery said...

Hi Dachsies! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to hear from some other Texas dogs. Mom says her family is from Houston, so maybe we'll see you there sometime.

You guys sound like you have a lot of fun. I love the picture of Andy with the fox toy. So adorable! There really is joy in having a new toy to play with.


hana said...

That is very nice everyone gets along for the most part. I am an only dog, so I don't have to share toys that much.