Monday, September 18, 2006

We've Been Tagged by Hana

We have been tagged by Hana to tell what makes us a good doggie friend.

1. We remember everybody and everydoggie we have met and are always willing to welcome them back with lots of dachsies kisses and tail wags. (OK, maybe not everydoggie but most of them!)

2. We work very hard to protect Mom and her visitors from anyone or anything (like squirrels or possums) that might try to get to them and hurt them.

3. We think about all of our different blogging friends and worry about them when we hear that there is bad weather or some other problem where they live.

4. We try very hard to keep up with all of our blogging friends even though we sometimes are busy following Mom to make sure she doesn't do anything we don't know about.

5. We bring lots of love to our Mom and make her house a home instead of a building with stuff in it.

We hope we defined doggie friend the right way. If not, these are just five things about us that you should find extremely interesting because everything about us is extremely interesting!

We have to go see who has been tagged and who hasn't before we tag anybody. We will keep you posted!


Isabella said...

You all are the bestest blogger friends ever!
Big Wags,

Cubby said...

I think you are good friends, because you sent me healing vibes - thanks!

Sunshade said...

Hey wow..your mom must feel so happy and safe with her two protectors!! You guys are soo cute!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

katy said...

Sweet little Dachsies.

ranger said...

thank gawwd you are back. it's been boring around here without you guys!


Zeus said...

It sounds like you are all wonderful dachsies! Others should live by your code of honor!