Friday, September 15, 2006

We Guess We Need to Rename the Test

Gosh! All of our friends have given us such good suggestions about other ways to test patience! We know dachshunds are good at it but poodles and boxers and eskies and keeshonds and even CATS are good at testing patience. Our Mom will be well tested after we add your wonderful ideas. See the comments to find out all of the new and exciting ways we can test her!

We haven't been able to visit with Maggie and Jake much lately. Our cousin Jakie is visiting with them. His parents went on a vacation without him! Is that legal? Aunt Bec is very busy taking care of all three of them and, just like Mom, thinks it is a major task to get everybody into the car to go visit. Hopefully they will come over on Saturday for us to all get together. We did get together last Sunday but poor Jakie didn't feel like part of the pack so Mom and Aunt Bec kept pushing us away from him. We were just curious!

Well, it's a work day and Mom needs to get ready. She has to go earn dog biscuits and toys for us because we are so sweet and lovable.


Isabella said...

Are you going to spend the weekend testing your Mom again? Let us know which one drives her the craziest!
Big Wags,

hana said...

Hello Roxie, Sammy, and Andy!! Tag you are it! I've tagged you in the new game. Blame Buster cause he tagged me! Go to my blog to see what you need to do.

Flossikens said...

Hello =]

Hmm im not sure if that is legal.You know about the whole work thing with humans i finally worked it out, they only go so they can buy us dog biscuits, toys AND FOOD!!! without that green stuff they cant get us anything.


Flossikens said...

Ello thank you for the advice also =]

I wonder if i could find the cooling mats somewhere? I will go in search of them next weekend with Carina i can sniff the mats out =]

Ice blocks are hard for angus to eat =[


Flossikens said...

Thanks guys =]

Much appreciated.

hana said...

I like the patience test. I have tried some of those things on my parents already. You all have given me some great new ideas!!!