Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Trip to the Country!!

We heard Mom talking to Aunt Bec and they are planning another trip to the country! If you've been reading our blog, you know how much we love going there. And we need to get back out there! Those pesky cows are coming around more often. If we aren't there to chase them away, they might try to get in the yard or the garden or the compost pile or even the house!

Did we tell you about the compost pile? WOW it is a great place to check out! There is all kinds of stuff there that smells good! And you can sometimes find snacks for between meals. We could never get too many snacks since Mom is always trying to starve us. But, for some reason Mom and Aunt Bec yell at us to get out of the compost pile and, even worse, they make us take baths if we spend too much time digging around in it. The other dachsies just want to smell what we found but Mom and Aunt Bec are party spoilers! We are going to get Mom to take a picture of the compost pile. We aren't sure you will get the full effect ... no smellivision ... but we won't know until we have a picture.

Hey ... it sounds like they are planning two trips to the country! We are going for the day for a family gathering and everybody gets to bring their dogs. We did this once before and it was a little scary and a lot of fun. We don't get to play with our dog cousins much except for Jake and Maggie. There will be ten dogs there if they all show up! PARTY TIME!! Two them are BIG ... black labs; one is an Australian Shepherd; the five of us plus our Aunt Lexie, who is also a dachsie and cousin Jakie who is ... black and little and we don't know anything else except he has so much energy, he has to run around a lot!

Wow, this is almost too good to be true! Two trips to the country two weekends in a row! Those cows better watch out!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Oh, it sounds like tons of fun! I really want to see the picture of your compost pile. I hate it when parents give us baths. Don't they know we can clean ourselves when we need too? Ugh! Whats a dog to do?

Isabella said...

That compost stuff sounds very interesting! You guys are so lucky to have a country place to visist. Have lots of fun and don't let those big dogs push you around at the family get to together.
Big Wags,