Sunday, June 11, 2006

Five Against One

Hey, we finally got some pictures out of the camera. Just in case you thought Sammy was the only one brave enough to chase off a cow, here is proof that all five of us (Roxie, cousin Maggie, Andy, cousin Jake and Sammy) will get right into it. We had to chase her off TWICE. We guess the grass really was greener on the other side of the fence!

Hey now you can finally see just how bow-legged Andy is. Mom thinks it gives him his own personality. It sure makes him easy to pick out from a rear view!

Hmmm, we hope Grandpa doesn't see this picture of us running around in one of his flower beds or we might get in trouble. Lucky for us he forgives easy ... and, since Mom is old, he must be really old so maybe he will forget before he sees us next.

We're gonna go check out the rest of the pictures to see if any are good enough to post. Mom says we move too much so lots of the pictures are blurry. Can we help it if we have two speeds ... full blast and sound asleep?

*** We talked to Grandpa and found out this might be a bull and not a cow. We are city dogs (and we are "fixed") so we might be a little unclear on the differences between cows and bulls. Does it matter though? You can see we chased it off whether it was a bull or a cow!!****


Isabella said...

You guys are the bomb! Look at you chasing that big ol' cow off! Good work kids!
Big Wags,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

You guys need 'the big dog' (Charlie) and the 'gruffpuppy' (me) to come and help fix that big ole moo cow ! We are used to barking at the kangaroos and deer out here - so I am sure we could have scared that cow away :-)

Cubby said...

How brave! That's one big animal!