Monday, June 19, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

Wow, we've had a lot of rain! One of our favorite places is behind the garage but Mom won't let us run around back there right now. Here is a picture Mom took between rain storms. See all the standing water? We don't really want to get that wet so we will stay away for now but Mom needs to get rid of the water so we can get back there again! Mom said we've been under flash flood warnings all day and we still have a 60% chance of more rain tonight! We sure are glad we were safe in the house! The water doesn't have to get very deep to be a problem for us! And when it rains, we pretty much forget everything we know about housetraining. Sorry, Mom.

Here is a game for you! Can you guess which dachshund is the real one? Hint: Real dachshunds do not come in pastel colors!

Andy is having a great time! These toys used to have squeakies in their heads and their bodies. Mom had saved them after our first encounter and mended them but we grabbed them when she wasn't looking and, when she came back, all the squeakies had been carefully removed. Ok, maybe not so carefully so Mom took them again and did more mending ... but no more squeakies. And is some cases, no more ears or hind legs. Does this make Andy a cannibal?

Well, we have to go now. We have been sending Opy healing dachsies thoughts all day and we need to get back to it. She has been at the vet. We sure hope she gets good news. If you have a minute to spare, send her some healing thoughts of your own! Thanks!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy


Isabella said...

Hey- you got your own swimming hole now! You could have alot of fun swimming and rolling in the mud. Our yard looked like that when Alberto dumped on us but Linda wouldn't let me play in it- drats!

Do you think if one of us dogs swallowed a squeakie, we would squeak if we were squeezed? I's just wondering about that?
Big Wags,

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Dachies,

Thanks for your good wishes - all those paw-prayers must have worked, because gruffo is doing well.

I just LOOOOOOOOOVE rain - I wish it would rain forever. There's nothing I love more than to gather up all of my toys, and half eaten bones, and spend the afternoon chewing and playing in the rain!

Luv Charlie

Zach said...

That looks like a FUN puddle! Too bad your Mom won't let you out there.