Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We love spring and summer

We just love spring and summer. The warm sunshine, the new leaves and flowers, the lizards, the toads, the next door neighbor doing yard work so we can bark at him. Yeah! That's the best! He makes all kind of noises with the mower and the edger and his other stuff. And he's so accommodating to work on his yard every other week! We get lots and lots of time to bark at him! Or we would get lots and lots of time to bark if Mom didn't break up the fun. About half of the time we have to bark at him from inside the house. We're not even sure he can hear us if we are in the house. Just in case, we try to bark a little louder. Does it count if you bark at someone and they can't hear it?

We love spring and summer. We lay around on Mom's patio chairs and sun bathe and sleep. Talk about the life! Mom comes outside and we play chase and fetch and then lay down some more. If we are really lucky, Mom gives us treats. She is pretty stingy with the treats since she keeps such a close eye on our weights. If we are feeling energetic, there are also lots of birds and squirrels to chase. You'd think they get smart enough to stay out of our yard but they keep coming back. And we keep chasing them away. It's not fair that the squirrels can climb trees when we can't . Or that the birds can fly when we can't. It would be a lot more fun to chase them if we caught them more often.

We just love spring and summer. Mom takes some time off from work and she spends a lot of it with us. We go for walks around the neighborhood and check out all of the neighborhood smells. We go to the country and check out all kinds of country smells. We go visit Grandpa and Grandma and check out .... hmmmm .... we check out their doggie, Lexie.

Sometimes it seems not much new happens in our lives especially since Mom goes to work every day. But every evening she comes home and we have exactly what we want. We're glad we have our Mom. Mom loves us and we love Mom.

And before we forget! If you haven't heard, Isabella, Cubby and Cairo all had their sites listed on the Top Ten Source List for dogs! We have links to their sites so go visit them and you'll see why they were picked! Way to go Isabella, Cubby and Cairo!!


Cubby said...


Moms are the best, aren'y they? Yeah moms!

Isabella said...

Hey Dachsies Gang! Sounds like you got a great life! I agree- summer is the bestest time of all. Have you caught any lizards yet? I heard my humans talking tonight about renting a cottage on the beach the week of the 4th of July. I think I get to go, too, because they said the place they are renting allows dogs. Yippie! I finally get to go to the beach. I am not allowed at the public beaches, dontcha know, I think that is wrong, but Linda said people have caused the ill will towards dogs on the beach because some humans don't pick up their dogs poop. So I guess not all humans are obsessed with collecting poop in a bag like my humans are.
Big Wags,

Zach said...

Yep, Moms are cool! Way better than naked Scots guys.