Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Quiet Sunday for Us

We found out that Mom is going the country without us! How unfair is that? She knows how much we like the place and she isn't going to take us when she goes. She says there will be too many people we don't know and she doesn't want us barking or getting stepped on.

It seems it's time for the annual Cemetery Association meeting. Meetings don't sound like much fun but they have one each year. The meeting is always on the third Sunday in May. They have to have a meeting and vote for officers to keep their association non-profit status intact. In case we never explained, "the country" is some land that has been in the family since 1834 when four brothers came over from Ireland and, once they got to Texas, each got 40 acres. The family cemetery has been there since 1838. Mom's great-great grandfather and great-great-grandmother are buried in the cemetery along with a whole lot of other ancestors. We guess the extended family is pretty involved since she figures about 50 people will be there for the meeting this year. Each year a few more people show up. And occasionally someone trades their membership in for residency.

Mom says she never really thought much about the cemetery when she was growing up but, as she gets older, she realizes it's rare for people to know where so many of their ancestors are buried ... or to have almost 200 years of family history in one place. And the meeting is like a family reunion where so many of the "branches" get together and catch up. We guess we have to accept her decision. It does sound like there will be lots of feet to avoid and it will be safer for us if we stay home. Drat!

On a brighter note, though, she says she's going out there again NEXT weekend and we get to go with her! Watch out cows!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow that is really cool. My moms family has a family plot (it a place where the bones are in a above ground tomb) with 5 generations in the plot. My mom probaly won't be burried there because it in El Salvador (she will be the 1st to break the cycle).

My mom always thinks it really cool when you know where your family is from and visit their countries.

Isabella said...

Oh, dang! That's not fun when our humans have to go somewhere without us. But sometimes if our humans go away for a bit without us, they have a chance to realize how much they love and miss us- so she will probably come home real happy to see you. You'll probably get several good walks and maybe a big ball like Cairo's from the good points you will rack up by being good while your Mom is away.

Too bad you don't live close to me-you could stay over at my house and we could hunt lizards. Heck, even gators if you want!
Big Wags,