Monday, May 01, 2006

Besides Isabella, what's in Florida?

We are sad. Mom is going to Florida for a few days. We never get to travel with her when she goes places for work. We think her job should include taking doggies on trips. If we could go to Florida, we could visit Isabella! We're sure Isabella's mom would love to entertain three dachshunds while our mom works! And how long can work take anyway? We can keep her company the rest of the time!

Aunt Bec is bringing Maggie and Jake over and they are going to stay with us while Mom is gone. We are lucky to have Aunt Bec so close and willing to stay with us. We can stay at our house and play with our toys and sleep in our beds and run around our backyard. And we will have Maggie and Jake to play with!

We are going to miss sitting in Mom's lap. We'll be glad when she is home again. How long is three days?


Cairo The Boxer said...

I hope your mom comes back really soon. I know I hate it when my parents go out of town. Mom and dad have lots of plans this summer so I will go to day-care in the day and at night my grandparents pick me up and I can sleep at their house.

It's nice when our parents think ahead and we don't have to stay in a kennal for days. Hurray for our parents. I hope your mom sends you a postcard.

Isabella said...

You all can stay with me! We can hunt lizards. Oops- I forgot- I promised not to eat any more lizards. Well, we can find other stuff to do. Wanna bark at fat, old men on golf carts?
Big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

Hey Cairo,

No postcard. And to think how hard we work to protect her! But we will forgive her now that she is back!

Wow, Isabella,

You're the best. We would have loved to visit with you. Mom wasn't even that far away from you in Tampa and Clearwater. We could have distracted Linda while you hunted lizards. And we still could have barked at fat, old men on golf carts. We'll work on Mom the next time she heads your way.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy