Thursday, May 04, 2006

Momma's Home!

Momma's home! Momma's home!

Oh, wait. Roxie told me I should be composed and say ...

Mother has returned from her travels. We must visit with her and catch up so our entry shall be short this evening.

Ok... I gotta go. Momma's home and I need to give her kisses and tail wags!



Isabella said...

Isn't it great when our humans get home? I get excited every day when Mike comes home from work even though he has only been gone 8 hours. Did your Mom bring you back any presents???
Big Wags,

Zach said...

I like it when Mom and Dad come home because I get to be released from that darn kennel. Chani doesn't have to stay in the kennel but I'm still not trusted for some reason. Do you have to stay in a kennel when your Mom isn't home? I bet the three of you can get into all sorts of trouble on your own, hee hee hee.

Dachsies Rule said...

We stay in a pen so we can play with each other. Mom tested Sammy and Roxie before I was here and, when she came home, the area rug in the den had one end pulled over the other end and the backing had been pulled off. As you can imagine, Mom was not impressed. So we spend our days in a pen in the corner of the den with toys and beds and a big water bottle on top of a bowl. It's not too bad. And when our cousins are here, she unfolds a couple of more panels so we have even more space.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Congrats :) I am so happy for you! I love it when my parents come home. I get so excited but they won't kiss me till I have settled down. Why can't they understand that I am excited they are home.

Cubby said...

Do you spin when they come home? I spin and spin. The moms think it is very funny.

I'm glad your mom came home. I don't know why they ever leave!