Sunday, April 30, 2006

Our First Walk of the Year!

We got to go on a walk yesterday. (Thanks for the suggestion Zach!) It wasn't very long but we went down the block and back again. We did get to see the construction guys working on a house down the street. And we saw the cars driving on the main street of our subdivision but none came down our street while we were out. Mom didn't want to have us out too long since we had just had baths and she wanted us to stay clean a little longer. It looks like she is thinking about taking us for another walk today. (This time she will remember the poop bags so we can walk farther!)

That bath experience was a little traumatic for Roxie. Some kids were in PetsMart and they all came up to pet us and they were loud and reaching for us. Roxie didn't like it so Mom made the kids leave us alone. We do ok when we are at home or with people we know or only one or two new people but six or seven loud strangers is too much excitement!

We were looking through our old pictures for something you might find interesting. Here is one from last November where Jake was helping Grandpa turn the soil in a flower bed. Lucky for Jake Grandpa didn't actually have any flowers planted there! Jake dug and dug and dirt was flying every where. If you look at his coat you can see where Mom tried to get some of the dirt off of him and only made him looked striped! Jake never did catch what he was after. And he had to get a bath after this adventure!


Cairo The Boxer said...

That is a great picture! I love getting dirty.

So your mom takes you to PetSmart to get a bath.

I get in the shower with my mom. I hate to get in but once I am in and the water is warm I do ok. I always love getting out because dad is waiting for me with a nice warm towel fresh out of the dryer.

Dachsies Rule said...


Mom doesn't like to cut our nails and PetsMart does it for $8 per dog. For another $4 they will throw in a bath and ear cleaning. Mom figures she is not going cut our nails and another $12 not to spend the whole day bathing and drying us is a good deal. Plus, she has some free time to run errands - but we think she goes home and takes a nap!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy

Cubby said...

Just when you get good and dirty, they want to wash you. What are they thinking?