Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bath Day -- Just Say No

At the end of every month, whether we need it or not (and we never NEED it), Mom takes us to PetsMart to get bathed. They clean our ears, brush our coats, clip our nails and brush our teeth. It is the most miserable time of our lives and she does it to us every month. Roxie tries to hide behind Mom so the bath man can't get to her but Mom moves out of the way so she gets caught. It's just not fair. We already explained that we don't like to get wet and every month she takes us to be lead to the sacrificial bathtub. Ok, that might sound a little extreme but we don't want baths, we want to stay with Mom. She goes off and does fun stuff without us. We know she is going to forget to pick us up one of these days. Then what will we do? Live at PetsMart ... surrounded by toys and dog food ... dog food and toys ... wait, wait, we lost our train of thought ...

Some one tell Mom we don't need a bath every month. We bathe ourselves every day!

And we know what comes next. In a day or two she will put flea and tick preventative on us. We don't like that either!

But the heartworm prevention pill tastes really good!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Really the heartworm pill taste good? I hate mine. My mom and dad have to hide it in peanutbutter. Or at least I let them think they have to wrap it up in peanutbutter... heeheehee.

BaileyF said...

Hey! Baths are fun! And showers are fun too. Even better is a dip in a river or lake because then you get to take a bath later! And after that you get a blow dry and brush! That is just heaven.

There's this really good oatmeal shampoo that tastes delicious. Maybe you should ask your human to try that. My mom bathed me in this noxious hydrogen peroxide and baking soda stuff yesterday, though, and that didn't taste as good. And I no longer smell like the yummy stuff I rolled in. Humans must not have very good noses.

Dachsies Rule said...

Our heartworm pills taste like liver. We've seen other ones that are just pills and we probably wouldn't be too excited about those.

Oatmeal shampoo might make it worth getting a bath! Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda sounds pretty bad. Too bad your humans didn't appreciate your aroma. Maybe you should keep trying until they realize how good you smell!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy

Isabella said...

I wish Linda would let me take bubble baths with her. Just be glad you aren't a poodle and have to stand for hours and hours being brushed out, blown dry, scissored and clipped- geez! It is soooo boring.

I would freak out big time if Linda left me at PetsMart alone! Yikes! If your mom ever forgets you there, sneak into the PetSmart office, get on their computer and e-mail me. I'll get you out of there somehow.

Big Wags,

Zach said...

Baths aren't so bad - I find them quite energizing. Mom says I bounce off the walls after my bath. I do not! I just roll around on the floor and roll up in the towels, and run in circles, and roll in the towels, and run up the stair, then down the stairs, then roll in the towels, then ... well, you get the picture!

Cubby said...

We just got the flea stuff last night. Yuck. Dakota hid in her crate, but the moms lured her out with a Buddy Biscuit. She is a sucker for food. She also hates baths, but she loves to jump in a lake or play in a puddle. She is just weird. Mom says she has to be in control of the water to like it. I'm just a good boy and stand stoically waiting for the end of the torment.