Friday, April 28, 2006

After the Storm

Boy that was a really bad storm we had the first night in the country! Look what it did to one of the trees in the backyard! We're glad Mom was with us or we might have been scared!

When we got outside in the morning we tried to find out what made all the noise on the roof the night before but we couldn't figure it out. There were twigs and limbs and leaves everywhere though. We had to sniff all of those things just in case one of them was interesting. They weren't.

Then we noticed something outside of the yard. Actually there were lots of them. We had forgotten about them but we see them every time we come to the country. They are big and we have to chase them off.

Mom took a picture of Sammy barking at one. He was barking so much he is all blurry in the picture! It took a long time to get it to go away but it finally left. Sammy is so brave and ferocious!

The rest of the trip was perfect. We got to run around the big yard and smell everything. We got treats. We got lots of attention from Mom and Aunt Bec. It was a fun and we want to go back!

Well, we have to go. It's time for a nap. Now that we are home we have to protect the house and that is hard work. We need to take regular naps to keep up!


Zach said...

Wow - Sammy is so brave - what a guy! Sounds like you all had a super adventure! I'm glad your Mom is going to take you guys for walks on the weekend - they are SOOOO fun. Lots of new things to see. It's very stimulating but tiring too. When we got home from our walk I had to take a really long nap.
Your friend,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Great adventure. I really like your site.

Cubby said...

Dakota told me she used to bark at those giant cows when she used to live in the country. She said they were black like her, though. I guess she was fooling me. That one looked flashy fawn like me!

Good job chasing that monstrosity away!