Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Driving Miss Daisy

We were successful! We delivered Daisy right to the front door of her new foster mom. Daisy was very nice and was quiet the whole time she was in the car. Mom liked that since Sammy is a nervous traveler. (Mom thinks he went into a car and got left somewhere too many times to like the car. One of these days maybe he will realize Mom isn't going to let anybody else have him since she always takes him home.) Daisy's new foster mom is nice too. She talked to Mom for a while about Dachshund Rescue. We think they could have talked all day about Dachshund Rescue! If we hadn't started to complain, they would probably still be standing there talking. What good is that when you could be playing?? We wanted to get to the big yard and check out all the new smells!

When we got to the country, Mom let us out to run around the yard while she brought food and crates and toys and stuff into the house. She wouldn't even play with us until she took everything into the house. Sometimes she has her priorities messed up. She should know that playing with us should ALWAYS come first! Anyway, once she finally sat down, she called Grandma and found out Grandpa was headed our way! Oh fun! WE LOVE GRANDPA! When he sits down we all try to get in his lap and give him kisses. He only has two hands so sometimes we are successful. He acts like he doesn't like it but then he laughs at us. Who can resist dachsie kisses??

Grandpa got there pretty soon after we did but we didn't get to play with him right then. He sat on this funny looking box and suddenly it started to make a loud noise and it was carrying him around the yard! We barked at it to stop and let Grandpa off but it just kept moving around and around. After it made noise for a long time, Grandpa finally got the box to be quiet. He even put it in a shed to make it have a quiet time and learn to be good. We're glad we didn't have to go to the shed! We have our crates but they are in the house with Mom!

We get passed one problem and then another one comes along. It started to rain! We hate rain! If dachsies were meant to be wet, we would be fish. We don't like wet grass at all! It's bad enough to get our feet wet but remember, our legs are short. It's really no fun to go out and have to squat in wet grass. We do have dignity, you know! But the rain kept coming down and down and Mom had us in the house. It slowed down a little about the time Aunt Bec and Maggie and Jake showed up and got into the house but then it started up again. At least Mom, Aunt Bec and Grandpa decided to play with us and pet us. We thought that was ok until somebody started throwing all kinds of things at the roof and making a terrible noise! And then, suddenly somebody turned out the lights! The whole house was dark and the noise was loud! We thought they should turn the lights back on but they decided to light these things they called candles. Those candles looked a little interesting but they wouldn't let us inspect them at all. Humans are so selfish sometimes. The noise did stop after a while but it was still dark. Mom, Aunt Bec and Grandpa decided there was nothing to do but go to bed. Our first day in the country and we have to go to bed already?? We need to find out what was making all that noise! We need to protect the house! But NO we have to go to bed without even one little trip onto the porch. We weren't tired. Ok, we might have been a little tired. It had been a long day. You know, maybe we will go to sleep. It is nice and safe in our crates and Mom is right there next to us in her bed.


scotsguynaturist said...

lol..you guys are hilarious!..but always mind the manners! wee wags scotsguy

Cubby said...

I don't mind wet grass, but I refuse to walk through a puddle. My sister Dakota plays in puddles, but dances through wet grass like she was walking on hot coals. It is funny to see mom stretch in two different direction trying to accomodate both of us.

I hope you had a great time in the country.