Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just Another Day

Check out Roxie and Sammy. They are observing the backyard making sure everything is in place and there are no interlopers. Fortunately nothing was amiss or I would have needed to join them. You can't see me because I was busy playing with my tennis ball. (One that is bigger than my mouth -- Mom took away the little ones after she read the entry in Pet Peeves about dogs choking on balls! I think I like the bigger ones better!) Anyway, it was safe and we hardly had to bark at all. I guess we chased them away last night and they were too afraid to come back!

Mom is really happy with us tonight. It has been almost a week since anyone forgot to go outside to do their business. She's pretty sure it is a fluke but she seems willing to enjoy it while it lasts. This housetraining stuff is a challenge. I guess she doesn't want to be too hard on Sammy and me since we came from the Rescue and she doesn't know what bad methods might have been tried on us. She is using crate training and lots and lots of patience. Roxie is a show off. Mom trained her as a puppy and she almost never has an accident. Well, sometimes she gets really excited and dachshunds are known to have a little bit of a problem with peeing when they get too excited. Good thing ... or Sammy and I would never be able to stand being around her if she was too perfect.

Hey, this is the first picture you've seen of Roxie all grown up. She tried to get you to think she was so cute by posting a puppy picture when she introduced herself. Well, now you can see she is not so little anymore! Besides, I'm the baby in the family. I'm the cute little one. Wait a second -- I outweigh Sammy so he is the little one. Ok, I'm the cute baby! Yeah, that's it. I'm youngest! I'm the cute baby! But I do think Roxie is really pretty even though she's not a puppy any more.

Mom has been messing with our site. She has updated it with some links. Isabella and Zach, I hope you don't mind that she added links to your blogs. I know she reads them. We like Isabella and Zach but Mom told us they live too far away for us to get to play with them. We will just have to settle for reading about them. She also added a site for Berry Lovers. Our cousin Jakie (not to be confused with our cousin Jake) is Aunt Terry's dog. Aunt Terry has the Berry Lovers site. If we can get Aunt Terry to send us a picture of Jakie, we will post it for you to see!

Well, I guess that is all for now. I'm getting excited about our trip! I can't wait to come back and post pictures!



Zach said...

Hi guys -
You sure look nice and shiny! Are you really soft to touch like I am?

My mom has a daschie story ... a long, long time ago she was housesitting for two daschies and one night she got home late. So the female daschie got really mad at her and she peed on the floor. That wasn't so bad, but then the next night Mom got home late again .. and this time the daschie peed in the bed! And she was looking Mom in the eye the whole time! Mom was SOOO mad .. it was 2:00am and here she was doing the laundry! This was right before she left for Alaska and the lady who owned the daschies had joked that Mom should take them with her. The lady was coming home the next day and Mom left her a note that said she would take the daschies to Alaska as hood ornaments! Those daschies sure told her off, didn't they!

You asked if it's hot in Alaska because I like to lay on the cold floor. It's not hot out but it's kind of warm in the house. Dad likes it warm but Mom likes it cold and Dad turns the thermostat up when Mom isn't looking. So then I like to lay on the floor.

Thanks for linking to my blog - I have one for you too!
Big wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

Hey Zach,

We are back! We doubt we are as soft as you are because you have such beautiful fur, but we are soft. We loved your dachsie story! That sounds just like Roxie. She did that to Mom when she was little and wasn't getting her way. Mom did laundry in the middle of the night too! So we are soft ... except our heads ... they are hard! Mom says we are all hard-headed! Lucky for us she loves us just the way we are!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy

Cubby said...

I had an accident on the floor Friday, but I didn't get in much trouble. Just a little fussing from mom. I was so embarrassed!