Monday, April 17, 2006

The Magnolia Tree is Blooming!

Our magnolia tree is blooming! It is going to start smelling sweet in our backyard. This is actually the second bloom; Mom was unreasonable and wouldn't take a picture of the first bloom just because it was about 10 feet up in the tree. Where is her sense of adventure? If we could get up there we would have taken the picture ... well, we don't know how to work the camera either but let's don't get too picky.

Mom had to go to work today but she is only working three days this week so we can go to the country! We love going to the country. We have a BIG yard to run in with lots of new and interesting smells. We usually go out there with our cousins Maggie and Jake and their mom. They are going to come this time too! The last time we were there, we protected Mom and Aunt Bec from a man who came up and talked to them. We made sure to bark real loud the whole time so he would know to stay on the other side of the fence. We were very brave! We also had to bark at the cows. They come by every morning and we bark and bark until we see them move on down the path. We know they are afraid of us because they always leave.

This evening there was a boy in the next yard and we had to bark at him too. He acted like he was ignoring us, but when Mom let us back outside, he was gone. So we know we chased him off. Some times it is a lot of work to keep the place safe. (We bet Isabella and Zach understand!)

Sammy and Roxie played a good game of tug of war and Mom took a picture but it was kinda blurry. She said we would have to do it again so she could take another picture to show you. We didn't feel like doing it again so we didn't. We can't let Mom be bossing us around too much or she will get ideas. But we will probably do it again and let her try to take a picture. We move pretty fast so the next picture might be blurry too.

Roxie had to go see Dr. S. We like Dr S but he gives us shots and looks in our mouths and does other stuff that we would prefer he not do. The last time Andy was there, Dr S said something about his weight. Sammy knew it was coming. Dr. S did it to him and Sammy has been on a diet ever since. Dr. S didn't say Andy needed to go on a diet but he did say ... he was fluffy! WELL, we just don't think that is a nice thing to say about a guy! And now Roxie has gotten her warning. He told Mom that Roxie weighs as much as she should and don't let her gain any more weight! He gives Mom this line about our backs ... what about our stomachs ... our poor empty stomachs? And the worst part ... Mom listens to him! What makes him the expert? Oh yeah ... he's the doctor; we guess he is the expert. We are going to have to think about this a little bit ...

Ok, it is time for us to patrol the perimeter before bedtime. This is our favorite time. Mom tells us "no barking" but that is only going to work if there is nothing to bark at. Then we hear Mom mumble about how much the neighbors must love us. That's probably because we keep their yards safe too!

Sweet dreams!
Roxie, Sammy and Andy


Isabella said...

Why don't humans appreciate our barking? They must have no idea of all the dangers lurking around our homes and that our barks are all that keeps them safe.

Your tree is really pretty! Don't let the boys pee on it, Roxie!
Big Wags,

Zach said...

Today I heard Mom saying I can't go for car rides anymore because when she gets out all I do is sit in it and bark. Hello - she left me in it to protect it - what does she expect! I can't help it if everyone who walks within 50 yards of the car looks suspicious!

I think you guys are doing an awesome job of protecting your Mom and your house! Keep it up - no matter who it bothers!

Cubby said...

Our job is to protect the mommies. They should appreciate us more.

Good luck on your diet Sammy. That's a bummer...