Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Important passenger

We have a job! We have been asked to deliver a dachshund to a foster family. This is so exciting! Daisy has been at the vet getting all better and now she is ready to go to a foster family. Actually she is probably ready for a forever family but that takes time. We feel very important to have been selected for this job. We want to show Dachshund Rescue that we are ready to help whenever they need us! This is so exciting!

We will pick her up on the way to the country. Mom drives about 100 miles to get there and she has to drive through the area where the vet's office is and through the area where the foster family lives. In fact, they are probably only 20 minutes from our destination. What a stroke of dachsie luck!

This also means Mom will leave earlier tomorrow so we get to the country sooner! Oh boy! We get to do important work and get to play in the big yard sooner. Can you imagine anything better? Life is really good!

Oh, this is so exciting!


Isabella said...

Oh, how fun! You are going on an adventure! That is so cool that you all do rescue work. That is an important job, and I am sure you three are up to it. I hope you have lots of fun on your trip.
Big Wags,
PS- Thanks for the link- I'll get a link up to your blog soon.

Cubby said...

Yeah! Rescue is fun and rewarding. We really enjoy it. I might even get to go to a pet fair this weekend! (Actually I will probably get to stay with Grammy while the moms go to the adoption fair, but they will smell great when they return!)

Good work, dachsies!