Monday, August 09, 2010

Broken Secretary

Hello All!

We thought we had the secretary all primed to start posting again and then ... calamity! She stepped in a hole (gee, how did that get there?) and broke her right ankle on a Tuesday. The following Friday, the orthopedic surgeon said she didn't need surgery but she had to be in a hard cast for 4 weeks and a walking cast for two weeks after that! If that wasn't enough, she asked him about this mass on her left thumb. He said it wouldn't be a problem and scheduled her for surgery the next Wednesday. Well --- he got in there and the ligament or tendon or some important connecting piece was damaged so he put a titanium strip on it. Now her left hand is in a hard cast to immobilize her thumb! What was she thinking???? Thank God our Aunt Bec is still functional! She has helped us and Mom. Today they are going back to the doctor about the hand cast and Mom is really hoping it comes off and he sends her to occupational therapy to get the flexibility back. We hope so too! Her petting capability is down to one hand and that is totally unacceptable!

Anyway, enough about her! We are ready to get back in the blogging and commenting mode as soon as we have reliable help. We have some great news ... but you have to wait for next time!


Agnes B Bullock said...

Our Mom broke her ankle the same way two years ago!!!! She wore a hot pink hard cast for a month and had to wear the walkie cast for two more months. Ginger knows all about the pain you are going through- be prepared, your Mom is going to be very demanding of your time. Just make sure you get to sit on her lap every single day. You are going to have to help her with her funny walking too- try not to laugh too mcuh. (It is really funny)Make sure you taste test her food- broken ankles affect the taste buds of humans, so be on the lookout for treats!

The Army of Four said...

Woo! We sure miss you guys!

Lorenza said...

I hope your mom is doing well!
I wonder how that hole appeared there!
Take good care of her!
I will be waiting for your news!
Kisses and hugs