Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And Our Secret Is ...

... uuhhhmmm ... oh, you probably won't be interested anyway.

You know Mom went to the doctor? Well, he took away the old wrist cast just as it was getting nice and smelly. Now she has a removable brace but the doctor told her to wear it all of the time. It seems that titanium strip he put in her hand is going to end up attached to her bone so she can't move things around too much right now. We think she has enough movement to pet us more but we aren't seeing much improvement. And when she does take that brace off (yeah that part about ALL of the time??), she sits in a chair so we can't sniff or lick - even though both activities promote healing!

It is unbelievably hot around here! We even saw where we are under a heat advisory. We decided to follow the health advice and stay indoors, drink plenty of fluids and not to over-exert ourselves. (Mom thinks she is funny. She said first you have to exert yourself before you are in danger of over-exerting yourself. Maybe she doesn't realize we can arrange to break her other ankle ...)

Mom said she wants to take some pictures but the heat, her crutches and only one good hand limit her capabilities. We are just glad she is typing for us again ... even if she is slower than ... heck, in this heat even the bugs are slow!

Oh yeah, that secret. Mom decided on a builder for the New Doghouse. She needs to get a construction loan next and then it is time to break ground!! Then we will have pictures of empty concrete pads and bare sticks to post on the other blog. Woohoo! We can tell it's going to be exciting - NOT. Okay so it wasn't a great secret but once our new doghouse is built, we get all of our stuff back out of storage. Mom has a BIG box of dog toys so the sooner the better!!


Lorenza said...

I hope your mom's wrist is healing nicely!
I have the "other blog" in my GR. I hope I can see the pictures of the New Doghouse soon!
Good luck!
Kisses and hugs

Bob-kat said...

Hey Dachsies! A doghouse all to yourselves with all your toys? Sounds fab. Hope your Mom's wrist gets better soon!

Zeus said...

We'll be giving you an award tomorrow around noon CST. Look for it then! :)