Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Letter S

Our good friend Bobkat had an interesting challenge on her blog. One of her friends gave her the letter D. She needed to use as many words that started with her letter and describe why she included them. Well, she gave us the letter S so here we go.

What self-respecting dachsie could start this with anything other than

SNACK We live for snacks! They get us through the day and they get us to do what Mom wants us to do. We do just about anything for a snack up to and including theft. Not that we have EVER taken anything from Mom's plate.

SLEEP Okay, maybe we aren't always on the prowl for snacks. If you know doggies, you know how much we love to sleep. Naps are a major part of our day. If pee and poop (don't go there) started with S you would have our lives in one letter.

SILLY We don't really think we are silly but Mom suggested this word because she says we make her laugh with our antics and playfulness. We would like to go on the record as disagreeing with this interpretation of our actions. We are serious guard dogs. We pay close attention to our responsibilities.

SNORING Mom strikes again. We think this describes her more than us but she seems to disagree.

SQUIRRELS We are mighty hunters. We caught and killed one of these when we lived in Houston. The ones in the country are too fast (or maybe it has something to do with all of the trees they have for escape routes). Anyway, we love to chase and bark at them. You haven't lived if you haven't chased a squirrel!

SUBMISSIVE Did you really think we were going to take this word as our own. No way. We are dachsies and we rule! It is a lot of work but we occasionally bend Mom to our will. She is the submissive one around here if you ask us!

STRONG Enough said.

SUNSHINE We love the sunshine. We love to lay in the sunshine. We love to sleep in the sunshine. We love to be lazy in the sunshine. We love to eat snacks in the sunshine. Do we need to explain this further?

SPAY and neuter We wish all pet owners would spay and neuter their pets. We don't need to have babies and make the pet population worse. Too many of us don't have homes and are euthanized each day.

SHRED The perfect thing to do to stuffies after taking out the squeaker and stuffing.

SNUGGLE The best thing to do on a cold winter morning with Mom in the big bed. It is usually done with sleeping so it is a win-win situation for us.

We would like to add STEAK, SALMON, SPAGHETTI, SAUSAGE or SHRIMP but we have never had the pleasure of trying them so we don't have first hand knowledge. To Mom, we SUGGEST that we have the opportunity to try these so we can report to our friends. For the record, SUGGESTIONS do not normally have the desired result.

Okay, we think we will stop now. If you would like a letter of your own to work with, let us know. We have a few to hand out. We promise not to give out J, K, Q or Z unless you want one of them.

Bobkat, thank you for the letter S. We enjoyed picking words and telling everyone how they are meaningful to us.



Hi everybody,

Great discriptions and I agree with all of them. I did all of them things yesterday except Spay & Neuter and I didn't get off that food either. Sure sounds like dachshund statements but the Mommy would have added sensitive cause we are very sensitive to our Mommies needs.

Love you all....Mona & the Mommy too!!

Frankie said...

Oh, SUNSHINE is my favorite! I love the sunshine, too! Although, if there is no sun, a nice warm fire will do! I have been known to lay in front of the fire until my belly turns bright pink and my mommy moves me away! :) Frankie

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
You did a great job with all those S descriptions!
I agree with all of them.
Kisses and hugs

The Army of Four said...

Great job, you guys! Don't forget you have Sibes for friends! Ha rooooo!
Play bows,

JustMeCopper said...

Great job explaining the S. I want a letter. Which one shoudl I do?

Mason Dixie said...

Great Job with the letter "S"
I am glad I can still find you, I updated you on my list.

Bob-kat said...

Good work. It looks like 'S' was an ideal letter for you :) I'm glad you decided to play along.

I like the sunshine too, even on a cold day it makes me feel good!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow daschies that is an awesome S list....I will start visiting blogs more often...i love to see you guys and gals romping around

MJ's doghouse said...

and dont forget SWEET