Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog List and More S (or S Revisited)

Hello everydog (cat, hammie, human),

Well, Mom spent the day rebuilding our blog list and this morning she has already discovered one blog that she missed and had to add it. Please, please, please let us know if your blog is missing or if you know of one you think we should add because we would enjoy reading it. Mom thought we had a about 50 or 60 on the list and now we have over 100. Some of them are not being used anymore but Mom wanted them on the list just in case they do make an entry after all of this time.

Mom really likes this new blog list that will tell you when there is a new entry. And it is a lot easier to add a blog to the list than with the old code update. The only thing Mom hasn't really researched to get the way she wants is the DWB news feed. She likes the box that some of the other blogs have but she just has the listing of the last two (she picked two) entries. Maybe one of these days she will figure it out.

And now ... for more of the S meme

Our friend Bobkat did a post on the letter D. She gave us the letter S. We did an entry a few days ago but we have a few more to add. We also got some great suggestions from our friends!

SENSITIVE Mona suggested this one because we all know that dogs are sensitive to humans needs. When a human is sad, we are very good at staying close and giving comfort.

SWEET MJ made this suggestion because she knows all doggies are sweet and she can tell by knowing us all of these years that we are really, really sweet.

SIBES The Army of Four reminded us that we have some great Siberian Husky friends. We may not always agree on SNOW but we do agree that rescued pups are loving and kind and SPECIAL. We also agree that humans who rescue understand that there is nothing wrong with us; we were just unfortunate enough to start life with bad families.

STUBBORN Mom thinks we might be a little stubborn. We disagree; we think this should be listed as SINGLE-MINDED. We decide we want something and we persevere until we get it whether it is a kiss from Mom or wanting to go outside. We are sure our doggie friends recognize the difference.

SNEAKY This is another Mom word and once again we must disagree. We are not sneaky; we are SMART. Can we help it if we look for an opportunity to get what we want? Is that sneaky or smart? We ask you (because we know we will like the answer).

SMOOTH COATS Okay, this one is fairly obvious for us. We have short hair and smooth coats. In fact, dachsies coats are defined as smooth, wire or long. Mona is a wire haired dachsie. Copper is a long haired dachsie.

SUPERIOR Now we aren't saying that dachsies are superior to all dogs but we do know that all dogs are superior to all humans. We humor them since they do have the opposable thumbs necessary for opening things but who sleeps in the middle of the bed? Who never has to open a door? Who never has to pay the bills? Who has someone else make all of their meals for them? Who sleeps all day while some human goes to earn the dog biscuits? Who has STAFF or SERVANTS? Really now, with all of these examples, how can you think any differently?

Oh yes! One more thing that we almost forgot. Sammy got some SPAGHETTI SAUCE. Mom and Aunt Bec made spaghetti and some of the sauce hit the floor. Sammy is always vigilant and is ready to clean up any food mess as soon as it occurs.

And Aunt Bec reminded Mom that we get SALMON treats which are very smelly and very yummy. We really like them and deserve to get more of them.

Now we just need to tackle STEAK, SAUSAGE and SHRIMP.

Okay, that is the end of our second (and hopefully final) list of S things that apply to us. We hope you enjoyed them. And thanks to our friends who made suggestions.


Mason Dixie said...

That's some good help you got there for the letter "S" have a great day. and yay I am on your list. =)

Anonymous said...

When I try to click on the blogs, they do not open correctly. You may want to sniff that out!

JustMeCopper said...

You have to come read my blog. I thought of some more S things.

Pippa said...

Thanks for your really nice words on my blog. :)

As you can see I am still around, so that means Misery has done nothing with the computer yet. Something about we need to visit your friends Pippa - hey how can I argue with that?

We leave friends up too who don't comment for months, or even a year, because as you say - they might come back. And they are still friends, we don't want to delete them.

It is great being able to see the new entries isn't it? Even if it means a new list. Still that's why we have people, to do those things for us. Must get Misery to update your url now.

Pippa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends! Boy don't computers make you nervous! What a mess. Your list looks great!

I like all your S words, especialy SNACKS!!


Daniela said...

Oh, i just loved this. I'm coming back here every day.

Huskee and Hershey said...

We LOVE salmon treats too and can't get enough of them!! (mom says she needs to continue working so that she can buy our treats..)


Some more good "s"'s. It's good to see you blogging again. I've missed you guys. Maybe we can take a Friday or Monday off sometime in Feb and come visiting.

If I have a birthday party would you come for my birthday? And Jake and Maggie to?


Comet and BLU said...

We really like the bloglist feature. It's easier to keep up with our friends because we don't spend time checking the blogs that haven't changed (unless we want to go back and add something).

Good job on the S words.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Great S words, guys! We thought of STARVED - which we always are! hehehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Marvin said...

mmmmm! was going to write a long comment but saw Steak Sausage and Shrimp and have begun to droooooool

love and droolingness

Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxx