Monday, June 02, 2008

The Computer and Cowdogs

Sammy here. Thanks to me, you almost didn't get this post. I decided to jump off of the sofa and take the laptop computer with me. Mom doesn't get really mad at me very often but I think this was one of those times. Fortunately, after a reboot, the computer works just fine. I think facing that snake was less scary then facing Mom when I've done something really bad.

We went to the vet last Friday for a check up and to let them take blood to test. Well the exam was okay but the vet called Mom today and the blood clotted so they couldn't test it for a platelet count. That means they need more blood so Roxie and I have to go back tomorrow. I would rather be here to protect the house and nap on my bed.

Now, on to the original reason we were posting. Those pesky cowdogs have been getting bolder. We think they feel brave because there is a fence between them and us.

First Roxie told them they were too close to the yard.

They didn't seem to be listening to her so I added my comments.

Andy is just a kid so when he came over to talk to them, we didn't expect him to have much luck chasing them away.

A little later, there were some other cowdogs who dared to get too close to the yard.

It took all three of us to chase them off.

After all of that work, we decided to settle down for a nap on the sofa. You already know what happened after that.


Charlie Daniels said...

Oh no! I can understand why Mum got mad ... TBU would go through the roof if I did that to his laptop!

I think you might have barked at the cowdogs too much and effected your balance.



The Brat Pack said...

I don't know how she could get mad at you with that cute face.

Those cowdogs have some nerve to just hang around there like they own the place.


Ness said...

Good job on the cowdogs.

We have a new enemy...a gray squirrel keeps getting into Mom's purple petunias on the planter on the deck. We stand at the sliding door and bark at him/her and he/she ignores us. We tried to talk Mom into opening the door and letting us take care of business but she said something crazy like the squirrel could be doesn't have a rabbit suit on and doesn't look like a rabbit...we think Mom needs a vacation...

Dachsie hugs,

Shania and Macon

Natasha Fernz said...

Hey there guys...

Have not been blogging for a while and so just read about the snake! Glad everyone is okay though...

Hugs to all

Sparky said...


I've done the same thing... Taking the laptop with me, that is... I've done it a few times, really. But luckily it didn't break yet! I hope your human mom forgave you!

Why, the nerve of those fat cows! How dare they get close to YOUR yard?! You all had better teach them a lesson.


JustMeCopper said...

Laptops go in laps which is where dachsies belong so they deserve to get broken.

I don't know why my Mom smiles so big when she sees pictures of you three fending off evil cowdogs that are obviously intent on taking over your property, but she does. She wants to know if you ever have to bark at horsedogs? Boy would I love to join you in some of that barking .....

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
More blood?? Sure it does not sound fun! I hope everything will be ok!
What were thinking those cows?? Good job letting them know about your feelings!
Kisses and hugs


Hey my buddies,

Now just where were them cowdogs when I was there? I relly want to see them and try to corral one of them.

The Mommy talked to your Mommy yesterday and she said next time we come out maybe we can spend the whole weekend. I would love that
that. The Mommy said before we come again she gonna gets some boots like your Mommy suggested.

Love ya...Mona & the Mommy too!!

Lady Kaos said...

Be careful around the computer! If it breaks, how would we know what you're up to? Those cowdogs aren't too bright. you guys should dig a tunner under the fence and when they come next time one of you can distract them by yelling at them and the other 2 can go through the tunnel and chase them. I bet that would show them that you're tuff!
Good luck!

Georgeous said...

Go get 'em guy's!
Any of them called Simon - Simon Cow'l?

Luv 'n' slobber George

Peanut said...

The nerve of those cowdogs.

JC said...

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Reina said...

Good team work guys!


The Army of Four said...

Who do those cow-dogs think they are? They need to listen to you guys!! Woo.
Good luck with the blood tests!