Monday, February 11, 2008

Roxie's Visit to the Vet

Hello, all. The Dachsies' mom here.

This morning I took Roxie to see the family vet. That office must love to see us coming. I think my family (my sister with her two dachsies, my parents with their one dachsie) keep that place financially solvent.

Anyway, Roxie went to the vet. I told them about her behavior the last two weekends. The professionals also thought it is highly likely that her incidents are behavioral but agreed (what a surprise) that it was a good idea to rule out an infection or other cause.

Roxie does not like to go to the vet or even somewhere to get a bath. As soon as she realizes where she is, she sticks to me like flypaper and shakes so much you can almost hear her bones rattling.

Well, they took her to the back and weighed her, took her tempurature (punishment enough), gave her a shot of antibiotics and took a blood sample. They tried to get a urine sample but she wouldn't let go of a drop (does anyone else see the irony?). She came back to me and the vet and I discussed bladder infection, kidney stones and diabetes. I figured I would be seeing pee in my near future so they gave me a syringe and a sample tube with a stopper. We walked out of there poorer with some antibiotic pills but no answers. We got home and Roxie was very compliant ... she rolled over and peed on my utility room floor. Since it is tiled, I just pulled out the syringe and gathered up the urine sample they wanted. I put her with the boys and headed back to the vet to deliver the sample. I should get some answers later this week.

On a good note, no one peed on me tonight. My sheets are dry. And Roxie is safely in her crate for the night.

I'll keep you posted about the test results. I also promise that I won't really beat Roxie if she pees on me again. I will yell at her because I really, really think she is a big strong healthy dachsie girl with a big strong healthy stubborn streak that dachshunds are well known for. (In truth, that stubborn streak is one of the reasons I like dachsies so much.)

The Dachsies have been given an award and tagged for a Meme. They will get to those as soon as possible but I wanted to let you know that Roxie did go to the vet. I don't want any of their blogging friends to think I'm not taking good care of them!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I hope Roxie is just a naughty attention-seeking dachsie and not a poorly Roxie.

Sending lots of love to Roxie.

Mistress sends her sympathies to you though.


Ness said...

I had no doubt that Roxie was in excellent hands with her mom. Those little dudes/dudettes are stubborn and hard headed as all get-out and at least medical issues have been ruled out.

Hang in there Roxie and Mom. And hugs to Sammy and Andy.


Peanut said...

why did they give you antibiotics if they don't even think it is an infection? Weird. We have always known you take good care of those little guys

Bob-kat said...

I too hope Roxie is all fit and well. It does sounds like she is being stubborn adn naughty as it does seem to be directed at her mom. Good luck in that battle of wills if that is the case!

On a different note - good luck with your plans for work!

Lorenza said...

I will be wainting for Roxie's results! I really hope its nothing serious!
We all know how much your love our friends!
Kisses and hugs

JustMeCopper said...

My vote is on the bladder thing... stones or infection. But we'll see. Keep us posted.

Ricky Pepper said...

Oh I hope Roxie is ok! My mom had to put a mattress cover on her bed because we sometimes pee on there. We also peed on the carpet so much daddy had to rip it out. We dachshies are just stubborn, my momma says :)

Lady Kaos said...

I've had my little dacshund girl for 5 years and anytime there's a big change she poops by the front door. It's annoying and she gets yelled at, but because she is a stuborn dacshund I know it's paybacks. She hasn't done anything in a few years, but we're getting ready to move again so we'll see what happens. Hope everything goes ok with Roxie.
Kaos's Mom



hope you are just being a naughty girl and don't got nothin wrong with ya. me can't wait to see you & the boys at my barkday party Saturday. the Mommy said we are going to just bring it inside if it rains like they say.

Be good.....Mona

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hello Roxie

Happy Valentine's Day darling.

Lots of love from Pippa xxxxxx

Lili said...

Hiya everybody! I hope Roxie is doing better and you all are having a happy hearts day!

Ness said...

Aw, gee, thanks for stopping by and wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day. Right back at ya!

We're being subjected to DVD movies tonight and our new names will be, "No, you can't have chocolate" and "No, the steak is for us."

Hopefully, Mom will have a heart and let us have one vanilla wafer each...especially since Macon looked so darned cute in the photo Mom posted today.

But hey, gotta scoot. Mom is coming and I gotta get the mouse scooted up back by the desk so she thinks it fell down all by itself and we had -nothing- to do with it. You believe us, dontcha?

Dachsie love,
Shania and Macon


Happy Valentine's day my friends.
Come on over to my bloggie and see the roses the Mommy got todau and wants to share with all the Mommies.

Love ya lots....... Mona

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hope Roxie's test results come back good.

~ Girl girl

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there friends!!
We hope everything goes alright with Roxie!! We'll cross our paws fur her! :)
Sorry we haven't been around in a while to say hello... our humans have been very busy and we weren't allowed to go on the computer.. etc etc..
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

The Zoo Crew said...

Hope Roxie is okay. It's never good when one of us dachsies has to go to the doctor. Keep us posted!

Hope you had a happy heart's day!

Peace + Paws,

Lucy Lu and Halo

Hana said...

I hope the vet gets you the results soon so this can be figured out quickly!