Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roxie's in the Doghouse

Hello all. Sorry we haven't posted in a while. It's that work thing. Mom is so busy the first week of every month she just doesn't have any creative juices to help us post.

Of course, Roxie hasn't helped any this last week.

On Saturday a week ago, Mom put us in our pen. Aunt Bec came over and she and Mom disappeared into the back of the house for a half an hour and then left the house without playing with us. Roxie was mad. So, when Mom came home and let us out, Roxie jumped into Mom's lap ... and peed on her. Mom jumped up and put all of us outside.

The next morning Mom let us out of our crates and we, the GOOD boys, ran to the back door and into the yard when Mom let us out. Roxie, the BAD girl, jumped on Mom's bed and peed. When we got back into the house we all had to go into the pen and Mom ignored us.

Later Mom started cleaning the house because people were coming over to watch the Super Bowl. When she was all finished, she let us out of the pen and Roxie just walked across the clean floor and peed and peed. When she got to the door, she stopped and squatted and finished peeing. Mom was yelling at her but Roxie just did what she wanted.

Mom locked us in the back yard when the guests started to arrive since the doors would be opening and we might try to escape. Once everyone had arrived and they had eaten most of the snacks, Mom let us back into the house. Roxie jumped up into Mom's lap and guess what she did ... AGAIN ... in front of other people????

Mom decided it was time to show Roxie who is Alpha around here and put her in the pen and told everyone to ignore her. We, the GOOD boys, got to visit with everyone and get petted and talked to. Roxie, the BAD girl, wanted out of the pen but Mom told her "No!"

Finally around the middle of the third quarter, Mom got into the pen with Roxie and sat down. Mom figured if Roxie peed on her again, Roxie was staying in the pen the rest of the night. Roxie decided to be good.

The week that has followed had no incidents ... until this morning. Mom decided to let Roxie sleep with her last night. Mom, being old, got up in the middle of the night to ... well, pee. While she was gone, Roxie walked to the middle of the bed and PEED on Mom's sheets! Oh my dog! Mom was furious. She slapped Roxie on the hip and Roxie jumped off of the bed and ran into her crate. Mom shut and locked the crate door then she took her pillow and slept in a different room.

Something tells us Roxie will never get to sleep in Mom's bed again. Whenever she gets mad about anything (Maggie was here yesterday and Mom petted her) Roxie does something really stupid. Mom says she will probably take Roxie to our doggie doctor just to make sure nothing is wrong with her, but Mom thinks Roxie's "accidents" don't just happen because Mom always seems to be the "target".

What do you think?

Sammy & Andy, the GOOD boys


Peanut said...

Glad your mom is going to get Roxie checked out but it seems like she might be doing it on purpose since it happens infrequently and only to your mom.

Ness said...

Oh Roxie, man, I kinda-sorta wish you have a really, really mild bladder infection that can be cured in a day with meds so it doesn't mean that you have been deliberately doing this to your mom.

My mom just read this to us and said that although we have peed in her bed once before, we'd never better do it on her or we'd get our computer privileges taken away forever! Wait, she doesn't know we're on here. I'm sure she'd figure out some way to effectively punish us. Keepin' you in our thoughts, Roxie. Keep your chin up and your pee off Mom--'kay?

Shania and Macon

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I am so sorry to hear that Roxie is in trouble!
Yes, a visit to the vet sounds good. Maybe something is bothering her and is causing her to do that!
Let us know, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Roxie sounds like she is showing you WHO IS IN CHARGE!!

Hope it works out - keep us posted. Might be good to know how to handle this if it ever comes up with our wieners.


Luckie Girl said...

Uh oh...that was a lot of PEE PEE going on thru out your entire post. I guess Roxie's just trying to show your Mom who's the real boss. In any case, do update us after she's gone to the vet...just to be sure.
PS : I pee a lot too...especially if I want Mom to clean up after me. Sometimes it can be tiny spots of pee just to irritate Mom but don't tell her that okay?



Please be a good girl and don't peepee on the Mommy anymore. Me don't want her to punish you and nit let you come to my barkday party like the boys but us girls gotta stick together.

Let us know what the doctor says.

Love ya Mona & the Mommy

JustMeCopper said...

Oh please get Roxie checked out because it sounds like she might have crystals in her urine or a bladder infection. My sister Holly had crystals in her urine and then she sometimes got a bladder infection. One time she had to have surgery and they found lots of crystals and even a rock in there. Please get Roxie checked out.

JustMeCopper said...

Please please please get Roxie checked out.... Holly had to eat special food and it took care of the problem. Please get her checked out soon, and keep me posted. The peeing might not be her fault! The crystals make her bladder irritated.

Anonymous said...

Or she might just be mad at you. My Mom once babysat some daschies and the female one did exactly what Roxie was doing when she got mad at my Mom.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Roxie.. are you still in the doghouse? I'm sure you didn't mean it..

~ Girl girl

Scrappy and Bailey Jean said...

Ohhhh my doggies....Mommy read your post to Grnadma and she was laughing so hard they were both crying : ) We feel sorry for Roxie and wish her luck at her vet visit. We hope she is ok and back to herself soon, I know Grandma does not like when we pee the bed sometimes, and Grandpa gets really really made. Good Luck Roxie!!!

Scrappy and Bailey Jean

Chloe said...

Hi Guys-

About once a week I end up peeing on Mom and Dad's bed. They get pretty angry, especially Dad, but they haven't been putting me in the pen yet.

I hope Roxie is okay and that the vet visit helps deiscover the cause of the problem. I know Roxie is a good dog, but we all have our problems.