Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Calendar Girls (and Boys) and Tasty Treats

It's our month! We are finally the calendar girl and boys! Woo Hoo! The beautiful Flossy is the other August calendar girl! Mom keeps singing some stupid song "I love, I love the calendar girls."

We got to enjoy our Frosty Paws tonight. We shared them with our cousins. Aunt Bec helped Mom get some pictures. We will show them to you as soon as Mom gets them edited to how she wants them to look.

And this morning we got another new treat. We each got some wallymelon in our food bowls! That stuff is absolutely the yummiest. We are so glad Luckie Girl sent us yummy treats. Since she showed Mom what tasty choices there are for fur babies, Mom has been letting us try new things! For a human, Mom is pretty much worth keeping.


Ricky Pepper said...

We love wallymelon too! And cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, corn, apples, carrots, mushrooms, and even peaches!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
This picture of you is for the 2007 calendar?? How you got there??
I love all kind of veggies and fruits. The only one I don't like is lettuce. Tasteless!!
But wallymelon is great!!
Pictures, pictures, pictures!!
Have a nice day

Reina the Doxie said...

That is a really nice picture!

You guys must be really good girls & boys to stay there on the chair for a photoshoot!

I think Roxie looks really pretty in that picture!


Peanut said...

My mom missed those calendars but says if they do them for next year she is totally buying them. Wallymelon is great

Jake of Florida said...

Wow, Dachies, you're calendar models. You all look spectacular!!

We love wally melon too -- but also apple, frozen blueberries, and -- if our sous chef happens to drop it to the floor we'll even eat a piece of celery or cabbage.

But we only had Frosty Paws once. Must do something about that since every dog seems to love it.

Happy August calendaring!!

Good woofs from

Jake and Just Harry

Cairo The Boxer said...

Awww you all look so good together. I have to tell my mom to buy me some frosty paws!

Maggie & Marie said...

Y'all are some good looking doggies! How were the Frosty Paws? I want my mom to get me some! :)

Lots of Licks


Pacco de Mongrel said...

hheheh....every1 seems 2 enjoy wallymelon very muchies...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yeah I was so excited when the calender got flip for the month of August and I see you 3 doggies on the cover. ;)

~ girl girl


My dads really like your calander picture. They said "We Love the Dachsies"


Frankie Doodles

Luckie Girl said...

Hey guys!
That was an awesome pikture!! :) You were sitting on a throne up there eh?
hehe..ask your MOm to try baby carrots and cucumber! Those are fun to crunch on especially COLD!!

Floss & Jez said...

wooooooffffs :)

we will be famous one day! hehehes

Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...

Wow, where do we get one of those calenders???

We love the picture of our 3 best doggie friends.....Mommy said she wishes we would sit still like that.

Toby is sending a special lick and a big((((hug))))to Roxie.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

That is a beautiful photo of you all.



MJ's doghouse said...

hey was soooooooo fun to see you on the calendar...even if i did have to lose my picture...I sure hope we do another calendar this year...i am trying to figure out the best pose...You are all very charming in your picture...and man...those frosty paws sure look good..i am going to get mommy to make some for Tater and me....