Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another One of OUR Treats From Luckie Girl

Mom finally pulled out another one of our treats from Luckie Girl. This time we got to try the Carrot Crunch cookie.

Mom broke it into three pieces so we could each try it. She started with Sammy. You can't tell from these pictures but this isn't the first time he got the cookie. Mom was holding it and trying to figure out how to get a picture and he jumped up and pulled it out of her hand. We guess he got tired of waiting. So Mom ended up chasing him around. Since he was running, he didn't get to eat it. He wouldn't let go so she pulled it up until he was on his hind legs and finally let go. He really didn't understand when she gave it RIGHT BACK TO HIM! You'll notice that look on his face ... it says "So, how long do I get to keep it this time?"

Mom called Andy over. He realized Sammy had something really good so he was waiting for his piece.

Look at Andy's eyes get all big and round. He must be thinking "Wow, that smells good! Is that piece all for ME?"

It was so good, he decided to sit down and really enjoy it.

Finally it was Roxie's turn. Sammy came over just in case she didn't like it. Mom told him to go away. Roxie, being more delicate than the boys, went into the house to eat her part of the cookie.

And this is what is left of the Carrot Crunch cookie.

Thank you, Luckie Girl. That treat was yummilicous!


Joe Stains said...

oh that looks absolutely delicious!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Lucky sent me a cookie similar to yours, but I am still waiting for my mom to give it to me!!
Looks like you liked it! I need to talk with my mom right now!
Have a good night

Ruby Bleu said...

Yummo!!! And wow...I thought Andy's eyes were going to jump out of his little head!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Luckie sure sent yummy treats. I like Andy's big round eyes when he's looking at the cookie. :)

~ girl girl

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i bet carrot treats must b high in nutrition..

Cubby said...


Luckie Girl said...

Oh wow..Andy was really focusing hard on that kookie. I hope you enjoyed them. Roxie actually brought it into the house to eat? LOL!!

Ricky Pepper said...

That cookie looks so good! What a nice girl Luckie is!