Monday, May 07, 2007

ANOTHER New Dachsie Blog and Sign Our Map - Please!

Wow! Dachsies are really starting to blog. We found another new Dachsie blogger when we were visiting Luckie. A Dachsie named Reina had left a comment so we went to her blog. She is just starting up too.

Calling all bloggers ... go leave comments!

On another topic, we have seen the Frapper Maps on some of our friends blogs so we got one also. It is at the bottom of the page. Please sign it so we can see all of our friends.

Not much is happening right now. Mom is working. We are sleeping or barking. We hope everydoggie had a great Monday!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

it looks like ur getting more n more dachsies frenz....

Reina the Doxie said...


Reina reporting!!! hehehehe

I just came back from the vet!

Hi Pacco! Nice to meet you! *smiles*

Isabella said...

Hi kids! I did as you asked and visited Reina's blog. Gosh, there are sure a lot of dog bloggers now days. I think there are more dogs blogging than humans!
Big Wags,

The Army of Four said...

Cool map, roo guys! I added us.
Hey - we had a dachsie move in near us! I haven't gotten to meet him or her yet - but when I do, I'll say "hi" for you!
Play bows,

Ruby Bleu said...

Do you guys get a commission for all the daschies you recruit - LOL. Guess we all need to keep up with the Dales, right?

I added myself to your map...very cool.

Lots of Licks, Ruby!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Yeah, we gotta keep those blogging daschies coming! :)
As always, thanks for coming by my blog.

Lorenza said...

It is just like your blog name "dachsies ruuuuule!!!

PiratesGrrl said...

We're headed that way....but I don't think any other dachsie could excite me like Roxie....


Ivy said...

wowie! dachies reelly do rule - and they are taking over the dogblogosphere! i like you map... wut a cool thingy!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Dachsies! We have been so excited for our mommy to start blogging again to tell you this. We are going to the weenie dog races in Oklahoma City a few weekends from now.

Mommy went last year and it was so fun. All the profits go to help a local animal shelter. The little dachsies are just so cute racing with their little short legs. We'll have to post some pictures for ya'll.

FleasGang said...

Hi Dachsies. We think we may have seen you guys a couple of weekends ago. Check out the fleasblog just to make sure :-)

Have a happy day!
The FleasGang

Bob-kat said...

You Dachsies are gonna take over blog land! :-)

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Roxie Sammy and Andy - I am sorry it has taken mistress so long to sign the map.

She was rubbish at moving the pin from Madrid to Malaga but now she thinks she has done it.

Ruff ruff. Pippa.