Monday, November 20, 2006

Our Trip - Part 1

A bunch of stuff happened before we left but it was all boring stuff Mom did. Once that was over, Aunt Bec showed up with Maggie and Jake. Everybody got into the car and off we went.

When we got to the country, Mom and Aunt Bec let us out of our crates and put us in the yard so they could unload our stuff. We ran off and found ... A SECRET ESCAPE FROM THE YARD!!! Mom and Aunt Bec were busy so we slipped out and ran for the cowdogs. Aunt Bec looked up and realized some of the cowdogs were really short ... and red ... and looked like dachsies. She called to Mom and you should have seen those two old ladies move! Aunt Bec grabbed our leashes and started walking toward us and Mom went into the yard to find the secret escape. Mom said she should have taken a picture but she was so worried about us and the cowdogs, that she wanted us in the yard more than she wanted a picture. She found our secret escape and was going to close it but then she saw Andy. She called to him and the silly boy went running to Mom. So much for his freedom. Jake, Sammy and Roxie were with the cowdogs and Aunt Bec got leashes on them and we all had to come back to the yard. It was fun! We have never had that much open space to run in. But, you know, we bark at the cowdogs a lot more when there is a fence between us and them. Those things are REALLY BIG when you get up close to them.

But, as we found out later, the secret escape was closed for the rest of time we were there. You can bet we will check it the next time we are out there!

This is Sammy looking at Mom because she closed the secret escape. Sammy is very brave and he wanted to get to know the cowdogs better but Aunt Bec interfered.

This is Andy wondering why he came when Mom called. He didn't get to run free on the open plains with his ears flapping in the wind.

After that, we got dinner, ran around in the yard and then it was bedtime. Mom and Aunt Bec go to bed early when we go to the country because they know we are going to wake up at 5:30 (or 6:00, if they are really lucky) and we are going to stay awake. They figure they might as well get their sleep early and drink coffee and tea to wake up in the morning.

This is what it looks like from the front porch really early in the morning ...


MJ's doghouse said... all sound like you had a great adventures....i want to go play with the cowdogs...sometimes when we go to one of the barkparks there are horsedogs that pull carriages full of wont let me bark at them....she is afraid I might scare sure has confidence...

Flossikens said...

Heyy guys =]

Very beautiful pictures ;]
I havnt heard from you guys in ages =[

Come to my blog and watch the recent video of me


The Army of Four said...

Cowdogs?!?! You got to run with the cowdogs!?!? How exciting!
Oh, the pictures of the sunrise are very beautiful - but I like the ones of Sammy and Andy even better! Why no pix of Roxie? Were you the one taking the photos? You should have one of the boys take your picture!
Great post!
Play bows,


Cowdogs......I love barking at cows, are cowdogs the same?


Ronak said...

Oooh, wow you guys are brave. I have had deer in my yard lately and it has freaked me out enough - I can't imagine huge cowdogs! My girl said that I was very naughty the one time I escaped into our front yard. She got really upset and so I am working hard to fight the temptation!! Those are gorgeous pictures, looks like a fun trip even if your secret escape got closed up!

Roo said...

What a great trip you had! Maybe next time Andy will figure it out so he can run free too, hee, hee! It sure would have made a terrific video of all you running with the cowdogs. Tell mommy to bring a camera man next time!
Glad you're back all safe and sound!

Your pal,

Zach said...

Whoo - those cowdogs could have trampled you .. no wonder your Moms were so upset. Too bad they found the secret escape hole though. Maybe you can dig yourselves a new one next time you're in the country.

Isabella said...

Wow- what an exciting time you guys had on your great escape. I'm too chicken to even try to escape- I wouldn't know what to do! You kids are really brave.
Big Wags,

JustMeCopper said...

I'm with Isabella. There is a big dog that lives in my neighborhood and if I am inside, I bark if he walks through my yard. That's the closest I will ever get to bravery.