Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let it Blow, Let it Blow, Let it Blow

This morning we woke up, went outside and found cool, crisp air with lots of wind. It feels so good outside! We are all full of energy and ready to bark at anything that crosses our path! This kind of weather is the best! The weatherman had threatened us with rain but it seems to have passed us by. Mom wanted it to water the yard but we got our way instead. We wonder how long it will last ...

Mom got all of our Dogs With Blogs Christmas card supplies yesterday. All we need now is the final list, the picture we want to put on the front, and the words we want to add inside. This is so exciting! Mom is hoping to get all of the labels printed before we go to the country house and then she can spend part of her time putting labels on envelopes. We have been putting aside a few dog biscuits to help pay for postage. Who are we kidding? We eat every dog biscuit that comes near us. Mom can pay for the postage for us because we are cute and adorable.

Our cousins, Maggie and Jake, are thinking about starting a blog. Aunt Bec, their mom, is going to come over and have Mom help her get it all started. As soon as they have their first post, we let all of you know. We know our friends will show their support!

Hey! It's a beautiful day outside. We have to go enjoy it. See ya later!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy


Isabella said...

It's a beautiful day here, too. We got up early, played and played, had breakfast and are getting ready to take our mid morning nap. How kewl that your cousins are going to start blogging! I can't wait to visit their blog once they get it going. Enjoy your day, kids!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

It's pitch black here and cold so I can't tell what kind of day we will have. It doesn't get light until after 9:00a.m. now. Maybe I should visit you on my way to Isabella's.

Turbo the Sibe said...

We have a bunch of stupid wind, but no snow!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Tubey said!
PS: Make sure you let us know when your cousins start their blog!

Anonymous said...

WIND is right! I've never seen such wind! I did NOT like it. Stuff kept blowing around and making noise like crazy. I'm glad someone enjoyed it!

Ivy said...

mmmmm... dog biscuits!

we had some wind blowin around at my house too. i luv to stand in my yard and smell all the smells blowin by my nose!

hope your good weather lasts a long long time!

Dachsies Rule said...

Isabella, the wind must have blown all the nasty stuff away and left all this clear sky,

Zach, come visit anytime! We have lots of space and we will even share our dog biscuits!

Tubey and Ao4, you need snow ... and keep it up there!

Cubby, we will protect you from the wind.

Ivy, maybe it will blow all the squirrels away!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nice breeze to stimulate the vocal chords!

Bussie Kissies

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hmmmmmm yeah windy here, but we're heading into summer, guys! Woooohooooo.

Anyway, did someone mention biscuits?

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Ender said...

The only thing that I don't like about all the wind (we are getting big winds here too, severe wind warnings and all) is that my mom flakes out and refuses to take me to the dog park...she whines and says "it's to cold". I think she should take me anyhow, just bundle up...sissy mom!

Cairo The Boxer said...

I am jealous my parents are not doing the x-mas exchange because they are leaving the country. Mom and Dad are going to El Salvador. And I am not going!!! They always go to cool places and never bring me. At least I get to stay with the g-parents and they feed me lots of yummies.

Have fun with the exchange maybe next christmas...I think they might stay.