Friday, November 17, 2006

Country Roads Take Me Home (or a Visit!)

Today we go to the country house for the whole weekend! We are so excited. We were afraid we might not go after what happened on Wednesday night. Aunt Bec had come over to help Mom make labels from Miss Sunshade's DWB Christmas card list. Mom got home so we all ran outside to welcome her. She pulled into the garage and pushed the button to close the door and it came part way down and stopped! She pushed the button again and all she got was that funny noise you get when something isn't working correctly. She pulled the release and the door came down the rest of the way but it wouldn't open up. Finally Aunt Bec and Mom took some tools and disconnected the arm thingy so Mom could open the door and get her car back out. While Mom was working on this, she yelled at us to quit barking but we didn't. She wasn't very happy with us so we were afraid she might change her mind about the trip. Fortunately, she went to buy another garage door opener yesterday and she is just waiting for them to come install it. In her words "I'm not getting up on a ladder."

After all that excitement, we went to the office/computer room and started working on the labels. Aunt Bec is really smart about doing things in Word so she made the labels in almost no time at all. We just need to make one more for the new participant and a new one for a family that has a new puppy dog member (yea for finding a home!) Mom opened up one box of cards we were going to use and, in the middle of the front cover, every single one says "attach picture here". Mom was so irritated. Now she has to take them back and buy something else. How stupid is it to write words nobody wants on the paper? The only way to use them is to make pictures and then attach them. We want to just print our picture right on the card!

Mom wants us to send a thank you to Greg (Charlie and Opy's dad). Mom wants to do some creative work with some of our pictures and she didn't want to buy Photoshop because it is pretty expensive. She asked Greg if he could suggest a more economical alternative and he sent her an answer right back. Even the humans make friends at Dogs With Blogs! We are so glad Charlie and Opy invited us to be a part of Dogs With Blogs. We do such fun stuff -- calendars, Christmas card exchange and just making friends around the world! And you don't even have to be a recognized breed of dog to join ... check out Fu fu the hamsterrier!

Well, gotta go pack treats for the trip. Something tells us we are going to have lots of reading to catch up on when we get back!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, roo guys!
Play bows,
PS: My mom is interested to know what photo program was recommended?

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Have fun guys!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Have a greaaat time .. chase some cows for me!

Cubby said...

I am so excited to get all of those cards! Yeah DWB!

MJ's doghouse said...

Wow you guys are so lucky to be going on a country trip...I am stuck at home all weekened with mom and day....but i did go to the ocean today...have a good trip...and my mom wants to know what Zims mom wants to know

Ivy said...

hope you haf a wunnerful time at your country house. it sounds like so much fun! i am sorry to hear about your garage door problums.

my peepol say that if you cant get photoshop the next best free thing is the gimp.

Roo said...

Hey guys! Sure glad your mommy got that door fixed so you could go on your trip! Have lots of fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Your pal,

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey, I've been nominated for DWB's awesome blog of the month award. Can I count on your vote? Hope so.

To vote, go here

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Thank you, I really want this.

Bussie Kissies

Fu Fu said...

Hey guys. have fun. And you're right DWB with such a great place to make friends. ;)

~ fufu