Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stuff and Other Stuff

Hello! Anybody out there remember us? We have been remiss about making an entry. It just seems each day is gone before we have a chance to say anything. So, we guess we better get started.

Mom is back to herself these days. She moved a little slow but she is all healthy now. We gave her lots of dachsie kisses and those were the trick.

On Saturday, we had to go to see the doctor. Mom had him clip our nails. It was, as we have reported before, a terrible experience. This time Sammy yelped. He was so glad to get back to Mom. She hugged on him and told him he was a good boy so he forgave her for putting him through it. How can you be mad at Mom when she says such sweet stuff to us?

After we finished at the doctor, we went to Aunt Bec's house. When we got there, Grandma was there too! Oh boy! Aunt Bec, Grandma, Maggie and Jake! There were people trimming Aunt Bec's trees so we had to bark at them. They kept coming back and stealing more of the tree but we were able to chase them away and save the main part of it.

Aunt Bec has a doggie door. Roxie has used it before but Sammy and Andy weren't sure what to do. After Maggie, Jake and Roxie kept using it, Sammy got up his dachsie nerve and went through the door! Mom and Aunt Bec were so surprised! Andy was still afraid to try it so Mom went outside and Grandma stayed inside and they showed him how the door opened. Before we left, Andy used the door all by himself, too!

Tonight Mom refilled the dog food containers. She emptied out the bag and let Sammy lick the inside.

Sammy wants to thank Ivy for giving Mom that really good idea to let him lick the bag. Mom had to cut the bag open before Sammy would get too close. He wasn't sure what she was planning. After the nail clipping experience, you can never be too careful.

Aunt Bec came over tonight and brought Maggie and Jake. We had such a good time running around with them. It would have been more fun if our Moms would have let us spend more time outside but it has been raining so it is too muddy.

Well, as you can see, not much is happening. We did hear that we are going to the country house next month. Mom and Aunt Bec have been wanting to go but every weekend is busy. Well, we vote forget the nail clipping, let's go to the country house!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your Mom is feeling better! Dog doors are THE best thing ever - it's fun to be able to run in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out and ...

Flossikens said...

Hey guys =]

I havnt being blogging that much either =[ my silly human has been busy, but oh well im back now =] and its good to see you's are too

Looks like you had fun after going to the vet, ive never had my nails clipped before i think Carina said i have to soon =[


The Army of Four said...

I wonder if our mom would let us lick the bag out next time we empty one? What am I saying, it'd be better if it was FULL! Mom seems to think we'd eat the bag....
Wooo. Luv,

Jill said...

Give your Mom some hugs for us!

Arfs Lady and Daisyrxdwl

Ender said...

I ditto what Zach said! When I had a dog door I would get running so fast going thru it that my mom and dad had to wonder how it was that I wasn't bumping into the top when I went in and out. Good thing your mom cut the dog food bag open before sammy licked it...a dog could get lost in that big bag!

Cairo The Boxer said...

HAAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAA I love the picture of sammy licking the bag. Too funny.

hana said...

I have never had the good fortune to lick the inside of a dog food bag.

JustMeCopper said...

Mom says I can lick the dog food bag next time we get one. Maybe she will let me eat extra every day so I can get one sooner.

Tigersan said...

Lick the inside of the bag! What is that... it sounds good :)

Me has caught Mommy eating the crumbs from the cereal box... and it looked good. And all this time there were crumbs in me dog food bag!

Toby said...

Oh my gosh, you look like you're having a blast with that bag!!!

Toby LittleDude