Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rain, Thunder, Lightning!!

As you know, we went to the country for the 4th of July weekend. The trip had its good times and its bad times. From the pictures you can see part of the problem.

(To get the FULL effect, click on the picture)

It rained ...

and it rained ...

and it rained ...

and it rained some more. There was also thunder and lightning! We barked at the thunder when it was off in the distance, but it kept coming and got really loud. Eventually we chased it off with our barking but we had to bark louder than the thunder since Mom and Aunt Bec kept us inside.

We didn't like being stuck in the house when it rained. On the bright side, Mom and Aunt Bec were stuck in the house too. They suspected this might be a rainier trip than most so they brought books. When they read, Aunt Bec lays on the bed or they both sit on the couch and we can get all around them. That part was nice.

It didn't really rain the whole time. We got outside a lot too. Once Mom bought new batteries for her camera, she took pictures. We'll have those for you tomorrow. Until then, here is a picture of Maggie exploring. Trust us, it's Maggie; that's her tail sticking out on the left side.


Cairo The Boxer said...

I saw the tail! It's hidden but thanks for the tip on the location. I am glad it didn't rain the whole time. Have fun and stay dry

Mary-Margaret said... that's what happened to our rain. You got it all. It's so dry here that stuff catches fire real easily. It's really pretty where you are. And my mom LOVES rain. Really, she does. I don't know if I do or not, as I'm ONLY nine months old and live in California and I haven't seen much of it yet...the Rain, I mean. :o)

Isabella said...

Bummer! Sorry it had to rain while you were visiting in the country. But it sounds like you still had lots of fun. That picture of Maggie's tail sticking out is so cute! Hee Hee! I would have liked to have heard you all barking at the thunder- I bet you guys sounded ferocious- no wonder you scared it away. Good job! I wish you had been around to help us with the snakes.
Big Wags,

Cubby said...

I love the tail picture. I don't like rain. When it rains my mom has to pull me out on my walk.