Friday, July 07, 2006

And Sometimes It Doesn't Rain ...

Mom was in the back yard and saw a cardinal sitting next to a log.

Just in case you can't tell it is a cardinal, here is a close up of it. Mom's camera does pretty good on close ups but the bird was small and far away so this picture isn't one of our best.

If you look really hard you can find Andy and Jake wondering around the backyard. You never know what we might find back there. This also gives you a good view of how much backyard we have to run around in. Can you see why we like to go to the country?

Grandpa probably wishes the grass wasn't so high but it's been raining every day so it has grown quite a bit. Andy and Jake are both in this picture too. Can you find Jake?

Andy almost disappears in the grass but he is intent on whatever he is tracking. Jake has disappeared!

Mom wasn't all that happy with the picture selection from this trip. With all of the rain, the light wasn't very good and the opportunities to take pictures were limited. The rest of the pictures Mom took are of Grandpa's flowers -- spider lilies and crepe myrtle. Mom also doesn't take a lot of pictures when she is playing with us. We like to play with her so we don't mind if we don't get a lot of pictures every time!


Isabella said...

What a great yard you have to run around and explore! No wonder you love going to the country. Did you try to catch that cardinal? I try to catch birds but they always fly away before I can get to them. And Linda won't let me go after the stuff I could catch- like lizards- drats! Anyway- you got a great yard!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Awesome yard - you could run and run and run ... and roll and roll and roll. Can I come play with you?

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

What a pretty birdie ! It's great to see what kind of birdie's are about in other parts of the world. Charlie would have chased it away though...he is like that !

Dachsies Rule said...

Isabella, we always chase birds but haven't caught any yet. The cardinal hung around the whole time but didn't come into the backyard while we were out.

Zach, Yes! Come visit and play. But you will definitely need a shave if you plan to be in Texas in the summer!

Opy, we know what you mean about animals and birds in other parts of the world. Mom just marvels at the kangaroos in the pictures from your part. Nothing like that here!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Elli Goshon said...

Oh you have a nice pretty yard...and now I like those kind of birds the ones that live outside...we have all kinds we (me and my two buds)love to chase them but don't catch's just a fun human mom is from Houston she said it's hot there...I don't like el

Cal the Wonderdog said...

My humans sometimes take so many pictures, they forget to play with me and the human pups too. What's up with that anyway? I take pictures sometimes, they come out a bit different. Hmmmmm that gives me an idea . . .


Jill said...

Yeah, I have seen cardinals in my yard, too. Right now I keep trying to chase the doves, but Mom won't let me!