Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I guess we saved the best for last. I am Roxie. This is a puppy picture of me. Mom doesn't have little puppy pictures of Sammy or Andy because they were older when she adopted them. Mom got me when I was 12 weeks old. I don't remember any life but the one I have here. Well, I remember not having bothersome brothers but I wasn't consulted about adopting them. I was two on Christmas Day 2005 so I am much bigger now. Since I am a standard dachshund, I am the tall one but you will have to wait for another picture to see that!

I am very precious. I know this because Mom tells me I am. (Ok, so she tells them they are precious too, but she is being nice; I'm the precious one!) Nothing bad has ever happened to me (except that spay thing wasn't much fun). Mom is always telling me to get off of the back of the couch. I think she is afraid I will fall but nothing bad ever happens to me, so I know I won't fall. Mom is such a worrier. If she doesn't want me on the back of the couch, she needs to sit down so I can be in her lap. When she finally does sit down, I have to chase my brothers away because they think they should be in her lap but I know better!

I like to give kisses. Mom and Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Bec all think my tongue is attached at my tail and stretches all the way out because it is so long. They are so silly. Dogs tongues aren't attached at the tail! I have to explain everything!

I also like tummy rubs. I wish I could get more of them; they feel so good! Usually when I finally get one, those brothers come over and interrupt! It is very stressful! And here I was trying to get a relaxing tummy rub!

I used to unstuff toys but I have a hard time getting to them before Andy does! He is very good at unstuffing toys. We have empty toy bodies all over the place since Mom gave up and started just throwing the stuffing away. She was really happy to find these toys at PetSmart that have lots of individually stuffed pieces sewn together. Now we have to break into each one to get to the stuffing. It's more work but the fun lasts longer!

My brothers and I play together all the time. We run up and down the hall and around and around the backyard. We have a great big magnolia tree to run under. It is great! It is cool under there in the summer and keeps some of the wind off of us when it is windy but BEST OF ALL, there is no grass under there so when it rains we can get our feet all muddy before we come back into the house! That is so much fun! It is especially fun watching Mom try to catch all three of us and clean 12 little feet. She always misses at least one!

I act like my brothers are a pain in the back (and for a dachshund, that is a big pain), but I love having them around. I missed Sammy when Mom took him in for a dental. I don't know what that is but he was gone all day! I was afraid he might not come back but Mom brought him home and I was glad. My brothers help me to chase off intruders. Those pesky squirrels are always running along the top of the fence. It takes constant vigilance to keep them out of the yard! We actually caught one once but Mom took it away. I think she was grossed out but didn't want to leave it for us. We finally had a successful hunt and we lose the prize! What was that about?

Wow! Look at the time. I need to get my beauty sleep. I'm a natural beauty but I do need my rest.

Next time I will tell you about our cousins. They were Mom's first foster dogs from Dachshund Rescue. It is a long story so I'll save it for then.


BaileyF said...

Hey! I caught a squirrel once, too, and my mom told me in her deep serious voice to "Drop It!" Later I heard her tell people about it, and apparently--get this--it was one of Tony Blair's squirrels! He's a famous person here, but I don't pay much attention to politics since I don't have the vote. (Emancipation for dogs, I say!) We were walking around his country estate, which is a great place for catching squirrels--they're pretty fat and lazy there!

Anyway, one day maybe I'll manage to catch one that's not Tony Blair's, then maybe she'll let me keep it. Though after your experience...maybe there's something else going on here other than politics? I dunno; humans are strange!

(I saw your link at Issy's blog. I wish my mom would let me blog!)

Dachsies Rule said...


Thanks for coming by. Izzy is great. She is sending people to us all the time so we get that positive reinforcement stuff.

A Tony Blair squirrel -- you run around in impressive circles. We just run around our backyard.

Keep working on your mom -- she may decide to let you blog yet. You just need to be careful what you say about her!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy

Isabella said...

Hey Roxie! Good going catching a squirrel! I never get to catch anything because Linda won't let me. She likes to pretend she lives in an idealistic kingdom where all creatures big and small live peacefully together-Ha!

I see Baily F has paid you a visit. Bailey is a really cool dog. Bailey's human has a terrific blog that is very interesting, but I wish Bailey had a personal blog, too. I always like to get a dog's perspective on things, dontcha know?
Big Wags,