Thursday, April 13, 2006


This is our cousin Maggie. She was almost our sister but the two girls didn't like sharing a mom so Aunt Bec adopted Maggie. Maggie was Mom's very first foster dachshund. She got Jake (our other cousin and another story) about 10 minutes later, but Maggie was first. Mom said Maggie was nothing but skin and bones and those bones were shaking she was so afraid. The SPCA called Dachshund Rescue and said they had two dachshunds that needed to be picked up before ... well, you know what comes next if nobody picks you. Mom went to get them and out they brought this tiny little girl. She had obviously had a litter or two (or more) and her coat was just falling out, but Mom's heart melted. Maggie didn't even have a name until Mom gave her one. We don't know much about Maggie except she is a mini and is not as old as her graying muzzle would make you think. Dr. S says she is 4 1/2 or 5 and has lots of good years ahead of her. And she has those years thanks to Dr. S getting rid of her nasty heartworms!

Maggie is bossy and I mean B-O-S-S-Y. Whenever we are getting a good game of tug of war going, she has to break it up. She is such a party pooper ... no, not that kind of poop! And watch out if her Mommy is petting you and Maggie decides it time for her to get her petting! You get the stare down until you move out of the way!

The only one that doesn't have to be afraid of Maggie is Sammy. She has a crush on Sammy. (Just don't tell her I told you!) She follows Sammy around until he gives in. I think he is starting to like her; I saw him cleaning her ears for her ... eeewww! It's not like they are going to ever get much of a relationship going though since a spay for Maggie and couple of snip-snips to Sammy have already happened.

Maggie has her Mom wrapped around her little paw. She gets her pills wrapped in canned dog food ... something our mom only does once in a while. She gets to sleep in her Mom's bed every night! She gets to curl up and sleep in her Mom's lap AND her mom covers her up with a blanket to keep her nice and snug while her mom watches TV. Geez, and I thought Roxie was a princess! If I didn't love my mom so much, I'd try to get Aunt Bec to adopt me!

Hmmmm ... I think that tells you a lot about Maggie. Next time Sammy or Roxie will tell you about Jake. Oh, and we can tell you about Lexie ... our aunt that is also a dachshund ... do you see a family trend here? Don't worry, that is the last of the dachshunds ... but if we get pictures of the rest of the family dogs, we'll tell you about them too!

Once you know all of us, we can tell you other things ... like we are going on a trip in a week. We are going to the country where we get to bark all we want and no one tells us to be quiet! Now that's the life! -- Andy

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Aunt Bec is the bestest new Mom ever! Yay for Maggie!
Your buddy,