Friday, April 14, 2006


Hey. Meet Jake! He is lots and lots of fun! He has more energy than most of us and hardly ever stops moving! Mom picked him up at the SPCA for Dachshund Rescue the same time she picked up Maggie. We knew his name was Jake because it was on his collar. He looked a whole lot like a dachshund when he was a puppy but whatever else he is has started to show up. He is an honorary dachshund even if his legs are getting a little long. Besides, he hangs around the rest of us all the time so he just figures he looks just like us. We're not even sure he has noticed he is black and tan instead of red!

Jake and Andy play all the time and they are constantly seeing how much trouble they can get into. I'm sure if anybody gets into trouble it is Jake's fault! We would never do anything that we weren't supposed to do. We are perfect little angels who always do exactly what Mom wants.

Jake loves to be outside so we are always out there with him checking out the birds and the squirrels and neighbor's dog and the wind blowing through the trees and leaves falling down and toads and lizards. There is a lot of stuff to keep track of since Jake notices all of it and lets us know when it is time to bark! Jake is the bestest friend (besides Mom) that a dog could have!

Jake also likes to play tug of war. He pulls really hard so you have to hang on or he will win every time! He gets a little help from his sister since she barks at us to let him win. (Remember, she is the party-pooper.)

Jake and Andy are about the same age so they are really, really good friends. Sometimes the rest of us just watch them wrestle and roll around. They sure can get dirty! Our moms just love that!

And Jake is really talented. He can almost climb the tree in his backyard! I've never even thought about climbing a tree but Jake is going to do it! I wonder if those longer legs help out? I don't think I could get as high as he does. (Of course, I could probably get close if Mom would feed me more so I had more energy to burn!)

Jake is really cool and you are going to probably hear some great stories about him along the way. His mom brings Maggie and him over a lot so we can play together so that's how come we know him so well.

I have the best cousins in the whole world!



Isabella said...

Jake's picture is so cute! It's a good thing that his legs have gotten longer- maybe he can reach things that the rest of you couldn't get to- might come in real handy if you are wanting something that your mom put up high out of your reach.
Big Wags,

Zach said...

Hey - maybe Jake can reach the pencil! Have him ask Isabella to teach him how.
Your buddy,

Dachsies Rule said...

Hey, Zach, great idea! We will have to tell him so he can do that for us. I'm sure Isabella will let him know how she did it!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy

Cubby said...

Jake is cool! He looks like my cousin Kitty (who is a mini dach). She likes to lick up inside moms nose. My tongue doesn't fit up there, darn it.

I have 7 dachsie cousins! I love them!