Sunday, April 09, 2006


We are new at this so here goes ... Here is a picture of Andy.


Hi! I am Andy. I am the baby of the family. I have lived here about ten months. I wasn't even a year old when somebody got rid of me and left me homeless and with heartworms. My mom fostered me and fell in love. She adopted me and decided she couldn't foster anymore if she was going to keep falling in love and keeping us. She helps the rescue group in other ways because she sees what good work they do by helping us when we need it the most.

I like toys ... any and all toys. If they are stuffed, I like to unstuff them. If they are balls, I like to throw them in the air and chase after them. If they are being played with by my brother, Sammy, or my sister, Roxie, I really, really want them and we play tug of war.

I have really big feet and Mom was worried I was going to grow into them and turn into a great dane! Lucky for her, I stayed dachshund size. I also have a great big bark. I help protect the house and the backyard. When I bark, all the neighbors know and Mom makes me come in the house for a time out. I don't like taking a time out but Mom always insists.

I have my very own crate to sleep in at night. It is nice and quiet and safe. Mom covered it so it can be my very own den. Dachshunds are den animals and like a protected space to sleep in at night ... unless we can weasle a way into Mom's bed which is the best place to sleep!

Hey, it sure is quiet around here. I need to go see what Roxie and Sammy are getting into. I might want to join in before Mom catches on.

Oh, and one more thing. If you see a picture here of a handsome red dachshund with a red collar, it is me. Sammy has a blue collar and Roxie has a green collar.

The next time Roxie or Sammy will tell you a little about themselves. I hope you will come back and read about them. I am glad to have them as my family. I'm a really lucky dog!


Isabella said...

Hey Andy!
Congratulations on finding such a great forever home. And welcome to the world of blogging!
I love stuffed toys, too. My human is pretty good about keeping my toys mended- I like to tear the stuffing out just like you.
Big Wags,

Zach said...

What's with the Mom's not letting us yell at things? My Mom does that too - I'm outside in the back just a'screaming away - having a blast - when I hear 'Get in the house, NOW!'. They are just no fun sometimes!

Cubby said...

People are strange all right. I talk to everyone I meet outside, human, animal, or blowing grocery sack. Then mom says enough, and I have to sit and be quiet. I have a lot to say!

Nice to meet you, Andy!