Sunday, March 02, 2008

Moving Day!

Today we move to the country! Mom starts her new job tomorrow. We aren't sure we are going to like it when she leaves us for the day but we will sleep on it and let you know how we do.

Mom has been running lots of errands like we listed before. She finally got the laptop and the aircard so we are good for blogging even from the country. Today she just needs to pack up all of our stuff and drive to our new home. Can you believe this day is finally here? Of course, we thought we would be moving into our own country house instead of Grandma and Grandpaw's house but that will happen later in the year.

Mom says she has lots to do today so she wants to get finished. If she has time and energy tonight, we will blog from the front porch!


Pippa said...

I am so excited for you. Los of love and best wishes and good luck in your new okace.

Pippa x

Pippa said...

I meant place.


The Army of Four said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!! Much happiness to all of you in your new place!!!

JustMeCopper said...

Are you leaving your old house in the city just there unprotected? Who will bark? Will you move all your toys to the new house? So many questions I have. Do any other dogs like at Grandma's and Grampa's house?

Chicote said...

Mom has been very busy and hasn't let me on in awhile. She's been in and out of the doctors. Her and dad are trying to conceive and having problems. Mom has also been really busy with work and taking care of all the animals. Also she and dad have had a very hard year so far. It all started with Buddy getting off his chain on New Years Eve and was missing until Monday. He was gone for two months. Living in the woods in 40 below weather. He's 50 pounds under weight and he might have to have one toe taken off. But he's alive and home safe now. It's just been a hard year so far. Nothing seems to be going right. Thanks for the concern. I will try to post an update blog today.



Hi my bestest friends,

Me be so happy for your Mommy and know ya love the country a lot but me already miss ya'll.

Let the Mommy know when me & the Mommy can come visit.

Love ya all so much....Mona

Franny said...

Moving to the country sounds like so much fun! Will you doxies have lots of room to frolic? I hope your move-in goes smoothly!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Sure I hope you had a fun and safe trip to you new home at the country! Tell you mom to give us a complete report about her first day at her new job!
Kisses and hugs

The Zoo Crew said...

We've never been to the country! Best of luck in your new casa :)

Peace + Paws,

The Zoo Crew