Friday, February 22, 2008

And the X-Ray says ...

Roxie has bladder stones.

Mom says "Copper and Copper's mom, thank you, thank you, thank you for pushing me to get the x-ray!"

Roxie has to be on a special canned dog food diet for two months and be re-checked to see if the stones have dissolved. If they have gone away, then Roxie needs to be on a different special diet so she won't get them again. Roxie also has to take a Baytril pill twice a day for about a week. Mom looked up the pill today on the Internet to find out what it does and why Roxie is taking it and now she wants to ask the vet why Roxie is taking a pill that can CAUSE crystals! She would have done this last night except ... she didn't get to the vet in time to bring Roxie home! Roxie had to spend the night in the cold, lonely, scary, empty vet's office. (Can you think of any other adjectives we can use to help Mom along on the guilt trip?)

We are really hoping the stones dissolve. If they don't, then Roxie needs to have surgery to get them out of her bladder. Mom will do whatever needs to be done to keep Roxie healthy and happy but she would like to avoid a surgery. Even the vet said he doesn't like to do too many surgeries because they are hard on a doggie.

The vet's office ought to really like Mom this month. So far she took Sammy in for his annual check-up with shots and heartworm test. She bought two boxes of Heartgard and Advantix. She took Sammy in for a dental. She took Roxie in for an exam, antibiotic shot and pills, blood test, urine analysis and then again for the x-ray, more pills, a case of special dog food and an unexpected overnight stay in the cold, lonely, scary, empty vet's office. Tomorrow Andy goes in for his annual check-up. The credit card company loves Mom too.

At least we will be all checked out and healthy before we move to the country. Mom will have some time to ask around and check out vets for us.

Mom wants us to thank everyone for their concern about Roxie. Keep Roxie in your prayers and hope that those stones dissolve and she won't need surgery. Maybe running around in the country will help!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

How about spooky? All mistress can think of is expensive!

Hey but we hope they go away and don't come back.

Like the song about rain;

"Roxie's stones go away
Don't come back another day."

Special kisses to Roxie, even though I am not a kissy dog, but I am a feeling a bit protective of one of my firstest sweetest girlfriends.

Pippa xx

Casper said...

Gosh! We did not know poor Roxie was ill. We will pray the stones go away real soon so she won't need surgery.

The Zoo Crew said...

We hope Roxie's stones go away with her special diet and the medication.

Your mama can at least say that she's keeping your vet in business!!

Peace + Paws,

Lucy Lu

JustMeCopper said...

Roxie, tell your Mom that there are worse things you could have. My sister Holly lived to be FIFTEEN! She was only about three or four when she suddenly had a lot of accidents and Mom noticed some blood in her tinkle. They took her to the Dr and prescribed antibiotics. The infection went away. But it came back again. Mom can't remember all the details now but Holly did have to have her bladder flushed out. They found a couple of stones and lots of crystals. The vet showed them to her and she remembers that they looked a little like wet rock salt. How irritating they must have been to her! Holly healed up really well and the vet put her on a special dog food that came in a wet and a dry formula.... Science Diet c/d. She never had to have any more surgery for it, and Mom doesn't think she had anymore infections, as far as she remembers. Mom says she lived to be a very old dacshund lady. She got her two kids through college and even got them married before she passed away. Mom says it sounds like medicine has been developed to help disolve the crystals but that if it does not work, the surgery is worth it. Mom and I are glad you got the tests done and we will be praying for you both. Love, Copper and Claire

JustMeCopper said...

Mom says maybe it was s/d food ... she can't remember. The vet will know.

My Mom ... she is so forgetful.



I'm so sorry you are still having problems. The Mommy's Samantha had to eat the kind of food you gots to eat and she was fine after that.

Let me and the Mommy know how things are going & let us know if you need anything.

Love ya lots.......Mona & the Mommy

Hana said...

Roxie, I am glad to hear you are on your way to getting better!

We saw your comment on Casper's blog about how you were introduced to Eskies from our various eskie blogs and that your Mom thinks us eskies are almost as cute as dachsies now.

Well, I wanted you to know that the same goes in reverse. My mom knew one dachsie back in high school. His name was Coco. She wasn't too fond of him at the time, but after dog blogging, she has a new found love for dachsies and yep, you guys are pretty darn cute!!!

Chloe said...

Bladder stones sound painful, Roxie. I hope you are okay and that the stones dissolve on their own.

Maybe living in the country will help! I'll be thinking about you.

Bob-kat said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that those nasty stones dissolve right away to nothing. Sending lots of positive thoughts to Roxie and her mom.

It sounds like the Dachsie's mom is personally financing that vets! perhaps she should have shares? :)

Ness said...

Oh, Roxie we're so sorry you had to stay in the scary, cold, lonely place last night but glad they've got a plan on how to get you well. Do you drink lots of water, Roxie? They say that helps. We and Mom will keep you in our prayers that you won't need surgery. My mom gave you an award so when you get Roxie home and have time, you will have to check it out.

Dachsie love and hugs,
Shania and Macon

PS Our mom read where you can now get pet medical insurance. She's going to check into it cause when we get sick, we get SICK!

Maya and Kena said...

We hope the bladder stones dissolve!!
We'll be crossing our paws and praying!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I really hope the meds and the special diet help to dissolve those stones! Paws crossed!
I would not like to spent a nigh on a cold, lonely, scary and empty vet's office! She will be happy when comes home!
Yes, your vet must love you all!
Kisses and hugs

Comet and BLU said...

We hope the diet works and helps Roxie's stones go away. We will send positive thoughts your way.
Comet and BLU