Thursday, December 20, 2007

Whew! Almost Finished ...

Hmmm ... it seems we missed a couple of days. Well, we guess we have to forgive Mom. She has been sitting in front of the printer feeding card stock sheet by sheet for what seems like hours ... days! First she printed the outside, then she waited until she was sure it was dry, then she printed the inside. She wasn't so silly as to do this one card at a time. She did 40 in a stretch so it took a while!

She also printed mailing labels and return address labels.

We've already mailed the international cards. You should see those sometime in January ...

She has all but the last 40 domestic cards signed and in envelopes. Our hats are off to those of you who did this so promptly. Next year we want Mom to be better prepared ... like designing the card in August! You know we are going to do this. You can design the card and print the first 100! Then you don't have to disappear for hours at a time and leave us to wonder what you are doing instead of spending time with us!

Well, as you can tell, exactly nothing fun has happened around here. Mom apologizes for being so dull. Perhaps printing non-stop does that to you humans.

Sammy's spot doesn't seem to bother him but it is still bare of hair.

It was thundering loud this morning but, when we went outside, we couldn't tell what or who made all of that noise. It did rain some because the grass was wet.

The lawn people came today and made lots of noise outside too. We had to bark at them until they went away even though we were inside the house. Mom was in the other room (printing) so we don't know if she realized how dangerous the situation was!

Roxie ate some grass and threw up. That was interesting. Wouldn't you know ... Mom was there for that and wouldn't let us check it out.

We've discovered how much fun it is to throw Roxie's blanket into the water bowl. It soaks up all of the water and makes a mess when Mom carries it to the washing machine. This way we get fresh water every day instead of alternating days. Of course, it's kind of hard to drink after the blanket soaks it up. We are still working on that part which is why we have done it three times in the last week.

Finally, we want to remind humans to keep your pets safe this holiday season and every day ... please do NOT feed your dogs:

Grapes or Raisins
Drinks with caffeine (like Coke, Mountain Dew)

These are all very bad for doggies and probably kitties too!


Peanut said...

eating grass will make me throw up also.

SHelby the cat

ilovepearly said...

I know what you mean,
Next year I am planning it in April..hahaha, just overwhelming to do it all at once in December.

JustMeCopper said...

Eating grass makes me throw up too. I really admire you for inventing the water bowl/blanket thing. That's really good thinking. I am sorry I did not participate in the card exchange this year. What can I say, my Mom is a loser.

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I've never eaten grass!! But reading your post, I don't think its a good idea!
That game of the blanket into the water bowl sounds fun! I have to try it someday!
I am sure Sammy's hair will be back soon!
Have a good night