Saturday, December 15, 2007

53 to 8

Yes, 53 to 8. That is the Christmas card count. We have received 53 cards and Mom has received 8. And WE know that there are more coming for us! One day there were 11 pieces of mail -- two were junk mail and the other 9 were cards for us. Do we have great friends or what?

Sorry we have been lax about blogging lately. Mom seems to be pretty busy and has some lame excuse almost every day. She went to an office Christmas party the evening of the 6th ... so no time to blog. She went to see the Irish Tenors the evening of the 7th ... so no time to blog. She worked on Christmas card labels last weekend so that is her excuse for not blogging. Then her office had the accountants from the subsidiaries come to town for a meeting so she was out late on the 12th when they all went to dinner ... so no time to blog. She worked until almost 8:00pm on the 13th (since she was starting vacation the next day) ... so no time to blog. She went to see our cousin graduate from college yesterday (the 14th) ... so no time to blog. TODAY she has time to blog. We are also working on our cards ... still.

Not much is really happening around here. It rained really hard this morning and now it is cold ... okay, not cold but chilly for us. We are hoping we can go out to the country and run around for a little while but not until we finish the Christmas cards. Anyway, Opy left us a message saying she was worried about us because we hadn't blogged in a while. Don't worry, Opy. We are fine. We just have a lazy Mom. She is off of work until the day after Christmas so, hopefully, we will see some productivity out of her.

Our Christmas cactus is blooming again! How does it know that it is Christmas? It much be because of the cards we have gotten. It sure isn't because of the decorations! Mom is so lazy ...

Sammy has to go to the vet. He has an area on his side about the size of a thumb where all of his hair is gone. Mom said it looked like there were some little bumps like bites so maybe it was itchy and he pulled the hair out while he was trying to make it stop itching. It's not scabby or oozy or anything but she figures she might as well take him to see the doctor in case it is something she needs to treat now instead of later.

Roxie is still a princess and Andy is still cute so nothing new to report on that front. We will try to get outside and do something so we can report back to you. Until then take care!


Cubby said...

I have a bald spot on my leg, too. What the heck!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
You have to have a serious talk with your mom about your posts! Tell her that we worry if we don't know about you all!
My mom says that she understands her. There are busy days! But you must be very happy now because she is taking days off from work! My mom is going to to the same the next week. She is going to be with me a whole week.
Please let us know about what the vet said about Sammy itches, ok?
Have a good night

Peanut said...

We hope you post every day your mom is on vacation. We miss you guys when yo9u are gone. Hope you get to go out to the country soon.

Ness said...

Glad to see your post. I checked on your every day because dachsies are just like that. Let me introduce us...we're Shania and Macon and we finally got our mom to set up a blog site at with our adorable pics on them so you can see us. Hope you get to get out to the country. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and not thrilled at all when Mom takes us out. She is delusional as she loves the snow and makes cute little snowmen while we are freezing our tushies off! We have definitely learned to conduct our "business" in a more timely fashion when the white stuff is on the ground. And what did we get for our efforts? A vanilla wafer! A dry, cold vanilla wafer! We demanded hot chocolate but Mom says the chocolate is a Mickey Mouse no-no for dachsies. You really think she cares about our wellbeing or was just too lazy to make us some?

Ivy said...

wowie!! that is sooooo cool! last year i told my randy & lindsay that i wanted to do the christmas card thing but they didnt let me & this year i tried again but they said we were too busy cuz of ben. sheesh! i will haf to hope for next year i gess!

Joe Stains said...

When Tanner first came to live with us he had a bumpy area where all the hair fell out and they thought it was a spider bite. We just had to smear some goop on it for a while and then it was all better!