Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who Needs Mom Anyway?

Hey! It's us! Mom is at work so we decided to sneak onto the computer and tell you about what's been going on.

Not much ...

We did get our nails clipped. It wasn't too bad. Our doctor told Mom we were a good looking bunch! Mom knows this but it's nice to have someone else notice.

Something happened to the clocks in our house. Mom is sleeping later and feeding us later. We don't really like having to wait to be fed but we can't get the food container open without Mom's help. And Mom is good at putting the cottage cheese in our bowls and we really like the cottage cheese!

We are going to borrow a big chair from Aunt Bec and use it for our Christmas pictures. It is big enough for all three of us to sit on at the same time. Mom will try to get us to stay on the chair while Aunt Bec takes the pictures. That is the same system they used last year and the pictures turned out pretty good. Of course, PhotoShop helped a little bit.

We are sorry there aren't any pictures. They are in the camera and we can't carry it back here and hook it up. That little USB port is too small for us to deal with.

Mom got Roxie and Andy new collars and harnesses. She says the old ones must have shrunk because they are too tight. Mom thinks Sammy may need a new collar too. His harness still fits okay. We don't mind getting new collars. Mom says we can give our old ones to Dachshund Rescue of Houston. They always need things because there are so many dachsies who need to be saved.

Not that this has anything to do with the last subject, but we are almost out of treats. Mom says she needs to go to PetSmart and get more. She will get a new collar for Sammy too. Mom says the people at PetSmart recognize her when she goes there. For some reason she doesn't say that like it is a good thing.

We got our heartworm medicine today! For you doggies who don't have to worry about heartworms, you are so lucky. But the medicine is pretty good. The box says it tastes like liver. We have never had liver so we don't know if it is true. We do know that the treats are yummy and Mom never has to force us to take that medicine!

Mom and Aunt Bec are trying figure out when we can go the country again. It has been a long time but Mom says there are scheduling conflicts during football season. Well NEXT football season we don't have to worry about schedules or conflicts because we plan to live in the country! We will be able to play with Maggie and Jake every day! And you will get sick of pictures and movies of us barking at the cowdogs!

Well, we have to go now. I (Roxie) am standing on Sammy who is standing on Andy so I can reach the keyboard. Someone is grumbling that he knows why I needed a new harness. I need to go teach somedog some manners.


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi cutie pies! Great post! and all while balancing. We have the same clock problems that's why Ginger had the shoe oops from bordem 'cos M&D kept sleeping. Always fun to get new collars & harness'... ours seem to shrink too

Bow wow 4 now The TX Gang ~ barking loud

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
You all need to do this more often. If your mom doesn't want or have time to make your posts you can do it yourselves!
I like my heartworm medicine too! Its like a treat and I love treats... med or not!
I have the same problem with my sweaters from the last year... they don't fit anymore!
Have a good night

serendipity said...

That's a great balancing act! Just dropping in to say hi!

Ricky Pepper said...

We all like our heartworm medicine too but Teddy doesn't. Mommy will try putting his in cheese or something to get his to take it!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Are you saying that Roxie and Andy have become more, well, mature, or muscular, or something? As we all grow older we often need bigger stuffs.

Altho' I have not changed for a while.

Good to hear from all of you.

Pippa x (for Roxie)

MJ's doghouse said...

maybe you should get your mom to buy you a laptop...or a floor top computer...then you can post more often