Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looking for Cowdogs ...

Hello everydog, cat and GirlGirl!

How do you like our opening picture? It is the same view as in our last post but the sky was threatening rain!

We were telling you about how the cowdogs were missing. We looked all around the yard but there was no evidence about what happened to them.

Andy was working very hard when Mom called to him. Look at him all by himself! What would he have done if he had found a cowdog?

Here is another place that Mom looked for cowdogs. If you look at the end of the road, you can just see the gate that we come through to get to the land. On the other side is the public road. Isn't this a nice place to drive through to start a vacation? (You really need to click on this picture to get the full effect.)

We want to thank all of you for your kind and supportive words for our Aunt Bec. She was in surgery from 10:00 until about 4:00 or 5:00 on Tuesday. She must be a very good healer because they released her at 3:00 on Wednesday! She is staying with our Grandma and Grandpaw. Mom says your babies are always your babies no matter how old they get. Anyway, Aunt Bec is moving slowly and we are not allowed to visit since we get so excited and jump on her. Mom says that would be a bad thing so we have to wait until Aunt Bec can defend herself. What do you suppose she meant by that?


Ricky Pepper said...

Oh how boo-tee-ful! I would love to go there!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Your place is great!! I'd love to go there and have fun with you all!
I am still wondering what happened with the cowdogs!!
Glad your Aunt Bec is doing well! I hope you can see her soon, and when that happens give her more kisses from me, ok?
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

what good news about Aunt Bec! your photos always make Mom miss her home state of PA.

JustMeCopper said...

Wow, those pictures are wonderful. I especially like the one of the path. Hope Aunt Bec feels great soon.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh the pictures are bootiful. I wonder where those cowdogs went..

~ Girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

Hey guys,
Maybe those cowdogs decided to go take a nap or something! Did you check under those shady areas?

We are glad Aunt Bec is recovering well! :)

Maggie said...

I hope you find the cowdogs!!!! I wish I was there to help you find them! :)

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

That road looks like an awesome place to take a walk. Probably has lots of exotic pee-mail! You were lucky to be able to spend time there.
We are sure you three will be very good therapy for your Aunt Bec when she is feeling better.
Have a great long weekend!
Ozzie & Rocky

The Army of Four said...

Wowzers, what bee-roo-tiful pictures! Hey, I'll bet Andy could handle a cow-dog by himself - he's one tough dude!
We send good wishes and prayers for your Aunt Bec -- does she have to wear an E-collar or anything?
Sorry we haven't left comments in a while - Mom's been kind of bowled under with "work". We don't like "work".
Play bows,

Reina said...

Hi Friends!

I am so glad Aunt Bec is doing well!

I love the picture of Andy, it looks like he was in the middle of doing something when his picture was captured!~


Cubby said...

Keep us up to date on the cowdog mystery!

I'm sending boxer healing vibes to Aunt Bec!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Best wish barks to Aunt Bec.

You worked very hard in the country - Andy looks so diligent.


Ruby Bleu said...

So glad to hear about Aunt Bec. I have no idea what your Mom means about defending herself tho'...from what? Anyhowl...where did all the cowdogs go? Hmmm...that sounds kinda like a song, doesn't it?

Lots of Licks, Ruby